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Mixed Bags: Things I ♥ etc.

{Mixed Bags: Things I ♥}

100 Things I Love/Are Awesome/Make Me Happy etc.

mexicantt - 100 Things I Have Obsessed Over {public, potentially triggering and/or NSFW}

denorios - 100 Things I Love {public}

tourdefierce - 100 Things Emily Adores {public}

i_know_its_0ver - 100 Guilty Pleasures {public, potentially NSFW entries}

msdillydally - 100 Things That Have Made Me Happy {public, potentially NSFW entries}

duskyn - 100 Things that Make Me Remember How Awesome Life Is {public}

monkeyscorpion - 100 Things I Love {public}

chispas - A Hundred Films / Books / TV Shows / Songs / Things That Have Inspired Me Or Made Me Think (also known by the much shorter title of 100 INSTANCES OF YAY {flocked}

arenee1999 - 100 Things I'm Obsessed With {public}

sigrundora - 100 Things I Think Are Awesome {public}

multifangeek 100 Favourite Things {Public}

havemy_heart - My Favourite Things {public, with potentially triggering material}

just_ann_now - Small Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy {public}

superfluous_emi - My Favorite Things (broken down into groups of ten--books, recipes, quotes, people, possessions, films, memories, hobbies/pastimes, television, miscellaneous) {public}

anyothergirl415 - 100 things I am passionate about {flocked but friendable, some NSFW}

bookishgeek - 100 things I love/enjoy/have consumed. {flocked but friendable}

analise010 - Things That Make Me Smile {public}

gehirnstuerm - 100 Things That Silve Loves {flocked}

reynardine - Things I Like {flocked}

nerfi_tiri - Things Which Matter(ed) To Me {public, potentially triggering material and NSFW}

luckweaver - 100 Indiscriminate Things That Have Made Me Smile {public}

to_taste_danger - 100 Things In Life That Bring Me Joy {public}

singulartoast - 100 Things I Love, broken down into Places, Foods, Funnies, Books, Fanfics, Characters, Songs. Movies, TV Shows, & Dailies {public}

newfie_dini - 100 Favourite Things {public}

latrans - things I think are pretty awesome on LJ / DW {public}

fortune8te - 100 Things that make me happy {flocked but friendable, warnings at journal}

misslucyjane - 100 Things That Give Me The Feels {public, potentially triggering material}

jeffhardyfan722 - 100 things that I love {public}

sallymn - 100 Things That Still Make Being Me Just That Bit Better... {public}

slantedknitting - Things That Make My Life (20 books, 20 movies, 20 songs, 20 tv shows, 20 places/items/topics, etc) {flocked but friendable, potentially some sexual explicit or violent material}

pkwench - 50 Things That Suck, 50 That Don't {public}

planetariium - 100 Things That Make Me Smile {flocked but friendable}

avashida - Things I Love {flocked but friendable}

phantmgreeneyes - things I love (books, movies, television shows, songs, videos, etc) {public}

tyreling - 100 random things I'm obsessed about {public}

janesgravity 100 things That Bring Me Great and Flaily Joy {Public}

v_mures - 100 Things I Love {public}

4am_secret - 100 Things That Make Me Feel Better About The World {public}

iamzulma - Things that make me happy {flocked but friendable}

argylepiratewd - Things that make me happy {public, nsfw behind cut}

jennickels - 100 Reasons to Keep Living {public}

kelkatan - 100 Things Tan's Thinking Of {public}

lost_spook - 100 Things I LIke in 100 Icons {public, some flocked}

glitterfairy25 - Things That Make Me Happy {public}

f_m_r_l - Ways I Procrastinate {public}

muziica - 100 things/people/places that I love {mostly public, possible triggers/NSFW}

diamonddustshoe - Things that Made me Smile, Giggle, or Laugh Insanely {public}

ella_bee - 100 little things that make me smile {public}

v_mures - Things I Love {public}

doylebaby - 100 things I love and enjoy {public}

belil_gaviel - favorite songs/bands, films, tv shows, books, hobbies (mainly photography) and travel {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

sdwolfpup - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {public}

mabith - 100 Bits of Happiness {public}

jadeddiva - 100 Things that I Bought that I Love {flocked, posts will include talk about alcohol}

bradspyjamas - 100 Favorite Things {public}

muffinpatronus - 100 of my favorite things {flocked but friendable, will warn for NSFW}

hardticket - My favorite things {flocked}

quichey - 100 Random Things of Joy {public & flocked}

magic_knickers - 100 Fics I Really Loved & 100 Things I Love. {public, will warn for adult content}

cupcake - 100 things I love {public}

slightlytookish - 100 Squeeful Things {public}

miki_moo - 100 things I like and would recommend to others {public, will warn for possible triggers and adult content}

metallikirk - 100 favourite things {public}

feauls - 100 favourites {flocked, possible triggers/adult content}

dark_alone - 100 obsessions {public}

heard_the_owl - 100 Things That Made My Heart Super Happy {public}

munibunny - 100 things worth waking up for {public for 6 months, NSFW}

majorrogue - 100 things that cheer me up when i look at them {public, will warn for NSFW content}

blossomdreams - 100 Things that I love {public}

wook77 - My 100 Favorite Things {public, possible NSFW content}

ms_soma - 100 Things I'm Grateful For {public}

magickmoons - 100 Days of Gratitude {Locked}

parrothead - Personal Growth {Locked for now}

gublers - 100 Things that Make Me Happy {Public}

SlashLover (non-LJ user) - 100 Things that Turn Me On {Public}

ella_bane - Fave Things {Public}

athena4lynn - Happy Things/Things That Make Me Happy {Locked}

beccers4469 - 100 Things I Love {public, probably NSFW}

penelopefriday - 100 Things Close To My Heart {public}

theangelpatrol - 100 Things I Love (a random yet slightly organized list) {public}

velociraptor52 - 100 Things I Love (Shows, movies, books, characters, etc) in groups of 10 {public}

tragicgraceful - Things I like {flocked but friendable}

zeropercent - My favorite things! [Mostly fanfics, songs, books, pictures, quotes] {public}

acausedusoleil - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I [have] Love[d]. {flocked but friendable}

nymphadora4 - Things That Brighten My Day, Lift My Spirits, and Make Me Smile {public}

amdeloag - My art, books, manga, things I like. {public}

bailunrui - 100 Things I am Thankful For {flocked but friendable}

indy1776 - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {flocked}

mangofandango - 100 things that make me happy, and 100 things I made with my CSA deliveries...I am indecisive so I picked two.

Snowylight - 100 things I love {public}

moongirl24 - I'm going with 100 Things That I Love {flocked but friendable}

leyosura - 100 things that make me smile {public}

ria_kukalaka - Things That Make Me Squee {public}

fahrbotdrusilla - favorite things {public}

silentflux - 100 Inspiring Things/Places/People {public, possible NSFW/triggers}

pikushi - 100 Little Pieces of Happiness {flocked, friendable}

pancreas - 100 random things/people I love {public}

like_cheap_wine - 100 Positive Things about my life, real and fannish {mostly public, warnings for NSFW etc}

evian_fork - Hobbies I Have {public, NSFW/triggers, some in English and some in Spanish}

bottle_of_smoke - Things I Love {public}

distantiation - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {flocked; friendable by commenting}

andraste_oz - 100 Things That Move or Interest Me {public}

kittu9 - 50 Things About Which I Am Delighted and 50 Things About Which I Am Displeased {public; possble triggers but will warn}

librarygeekgirl - 100 Things That I Fan Over and/or Geek Out Over {flocked; friendable}

lambhouse - Things I Love (and Why I Love Them) {public}

railenthe - Basically things I like/things that make me happy. (Things I heart?) Kind of an Oprah's Favorite Things deal {public, warnings}

antesqueluz - Random Things That Make Me Happy {public}

longboard - Things That Make Me Smile {flocked; friendable}

soteriophobe - 100 Favourite Scenes from Anything {public; will warn for NSFW or triggers}

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