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The Index

100 things about mini

{The Index}

This is the masterlist of all entries logged at either the original sign up post, or the new one here. All entries are sorted by category:

Mixed Bags

Here you will find people blogging about multiple topics such as 'My 100 favourite things: a collection of pics of garden gnomes, One Direction fanfics, and quotes by Aristotle' as well as entries like 'my 100 favourite TV shows/books/RPF political ships' and '100 things that make me happy'. In the OMG There's No Category For This bag, you will find collected personal entries on a single topic like '100 ideas I had while bored at work' as well as '100 things about X thing no one else blogged about yet'.

Mixed Bags: Pop Culture / Things I Heart etc / OMG There’s No Category For This

Single subjects

Here you will find the single-minded grouped together by nerd herd.

Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming / Books, Mythology & Folklore / Coping, Depression & Autism / Environment & Gardening / Family & Other Animals / Fandom & Fanworks / Fashion & Beauty / Film, TV & Radio / Food, Drink & Recipes / History & Nostalgia / Inspirations, Aspirations & Life-changing Moments / Music / People, Both Real & Fictional / Photography, Art, Craft & Design / Quotes / Random Facts & Things / Religion, Spirituality & The Occult / Science & Technology / Sci-fi & Fantasy / Sport, Health & Well-Being / Travel & Places / Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning / Words, Writing & Poetry

How to use this index:

- you can either simply hit a category you're interested in, or head to the tags page.

- some entries could have fitted into multiple categories: they were placed where whoever coded them thought they fitted best, so if you're looking for something specific, it pays to check out multiple pages. For example, if you're hoping someone might have blogged '100 Things I Love About Stephen Fry' you could check the book entry, the pop culture bag, tv, radio and film, people both fictional and real, and depression. PS. to save you checking, no one has blogged 100 Things About Stephen Fry yet, but someone really should.

- if you get a goat when clicking a link, before you report it as broken, check if it's flocked (whether it was marked as such or not). If someone is listed as {flocked but friendable} or iterations thereof, it means they replied that they didn't mind adding people who wish to view their entires - but in a lot of cases, participants had stipulations for adding. Visit their page, check out their friending policy, leave a friendly comment where they say to or shoot them a PM to inquire.

- every endeavour has been made to note triggering and NSFW material, but we rely on people accurately describing and anticipating what they're posting. Owing to the large number of entries, we're not able to check each entry and give you all the info you might require. When clicking links, proceed with the same level of caution you would anywhere else on LJ - remember that your triggers =/= what other people think is triggering in every instance. If in doubt, you can always PM the poster and ask for more info, or get a willing friend to check things out for you. If you do follow a link to something that needs a warning and doesn't have one, let us know.

- this index is a work in progress. Over the coming weeks, new categories will probably be added, as well as some organisational measures to break down the existing categories, and more tags will be made to help you find what you want.

Your Entry:

- can't find it? Check all the categories you think a reasonably sane person might have listed it under. If it's not there, we may have missed it - we're sorry and it's nothing personal, there were just a lot of them. Fill in a new sign up here and we will add you asap.

- if you'd like your entry moving to a different category to better reflect the content of your entries, let us know here, leaving a link to where you are now and which category you would rather be in.

Lastly, thingermouse/jdbracknell would like to thank thecheekydragon, eltea, roh_wyn, queerlyobscure, rufflefeather & zweiundzwei for their help. This would not have happened this fast without them ♥.
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