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100 Things About Coping, Depression & Autism

{Category: Coping}

Coping, Depression & Autism

rhapsody11 - 100 things to say about autism {public, possibly triggering}

dreamwriteremmy - 100 Things We Have/Want To Have In Our Self-Care Toolbox (otherwise known as 100 Coping With Life Tools) {public, potential discussion of triggering things}

nynaeve_sedai - 100 Ways My Life is Better because of Depression {flocked, mentions of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression}

year_anda_day - 100 Things about my PTSD and Asperger's Autism {flocked but friendable}

Tags: admin: index, category: autism, category: coping, category: depression, category: health & well-being, category: inspiration, category: life-changing, category: personal growth

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