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100 Things About Inspiration, Aspirations, and Life-changing moments

{Category: Life-changers, Moments, Inspirations & Aspirations}

Life-changers, Moments, Inspirations & Aspirations

kawaii_mon - Inspirations {public, some potentially NSFW}

so_vieh - one hundred inspirations & aspirations {flocked}

darkspirited1 - 100 Inspirational Things {public & flocked}

bjjones 100 Things That Inspire Me {Flocked}

sagaluthien - 10x10 list of things that inspired- intrest me in one way or another {public}

frozen_ballad - I'm writing 100 Things on the subject of: Inspiring Things: People, Places, Songs, Quotes etc... {flocked but friendable}

fanciness - inspiring people in my personal life or in society {flocked but friendable}

shilohslaughter - things I aspire to be, both big and small. {flocked but friendable, potentially triggering material}

sourpony - Moments {flocked}

paranoidpen - 100 Moments That Changed My World {flocked}

wednesday_d - 100 Moments (In My Life). Expect entries mostly about books, movies, songs and cities I've loved. {public}

strangelings - 100 Memories/Moments in My Life {semi-public and friendable, with warnings}

lilian_cho - 50 RL and 50 Fannish Moments, in 100 words exactly / DW {public for fannish, flocked for RL, adding on DW}

gwendolynd - Moments in Time {public}

finding_bliss - 100 things that changed my life {public}

emeraldsedai - 100 Synchronicities, small miracles, signs and wonders that happen in my life {public}

snarky_imp - 100 Things That Changed My Life (some big, some small, many geeky) {public}

katy_sense - One Hundred Things that make me smile in one hundred consecutive days and One Hundred Days I want to live or want to live again. {public}

tigernach - 100 small life changes I am making to be a better person. {public}

emi_chirescue - Life Lessons {public}

alexia88 - One hundred memorable life experiences. {flocked but friendable}

jcxcb - Life Lessons {flocked}

bornof_sorrow - Things That Changed The Way I Looked At The World {public}

clenchedsoul - things I live by {public}

fleshuncovered - My Professional Wrestling Experiences {public}

silverr - 100 Things That Changed Who I Am or The Way I Look at the World {public; possible triggers but will warn}

writing2death - {flocked; friendable}

Tags: category: aspiration, category: health & well-being, category: inspiration, category: life-changing, category: people real & fictional, category: personal growth
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