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100 Things About Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning

{Category: Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning}

Trying New Things, Bucket Lists, & Learning

train_lindz - 100 Things I've Never Done... Until Now! {flocked but friendable}

pineapple_sour - 100 New (to me) Things {flocked but friendable}

failegaidin - Things You Should Give a Chance {public, weight loss}

violetrose1922 - 50 things I am grateful to have experienced in my life and 50 things I still want to experience {public & flocked but friendable}

petitemachine - 100 goals {flocked but friendable, will warn for possible adult content and triggers}

hamarakissa - 100 dreams/goals as of now, plus things I want to do before I die {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

shimotsuki - Adventures {flocked but friendable}

alba17 - Things I Want To Do Before I Die {public and flocked, some potentially NSFW}

rabid1st - Things I've Learned - As I Learn Them {public}

elliemurasaki - things I'm learning in college {public}

mingsmommy - 100 things learned in 50 years {public, possible triggers/NSFW content}

lilithilien - 100 Things I'm Doing To Live Cheaply Without Feeling Poor {public}

wickedgorgeous - A getting to know me and my flist project of sorts {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

messiahdivine - Things I Want To Do Before I Die (an easy one!) {public}

arguingvitality - Things I experienced for the first time {public, some flocked, friendable}

witchwife - 100 Lessons I've Learned as a 27 Year Old Still Living in Her Parents' Basement {flocked, some public}

dianaish - 100 things I wish I knew before I was 18 {flocked, friendable}

jaxadora - 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (Buy may or may not actually do) {flocked, friendable}

heavenly_rain - What I Know, What I Don't Know and What I'm Learning About the Ukulele {public}

pegkerr - 100 Things I Am Trying for the First Time {public}

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