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100 Things About Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming

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Games, Gaming, Comics, Anime & Manga

insanepurin - Top 100 Favorite Pokémon {public}

castor - 100 Most Recently Finished Series (Comics, Anime, Manga) [As I finish them & Thoughts on them, of course.] {public}

kiyala - comic issues that give me feelings {public}

dawnrune - Video games that I've played throughout my life that have left some sort of positive impression on me {public}

yaoi_queen - 100 Favorite Anime/Manga/Game Pairings {public, some potentially NSFW}

karcy - 100 things related to anime {flocked but friendable, potential discussion of explicit material}

gtasuxcoximho - video game reviews {public}

bibliodragon - 100 animated moments I think are awesome {public}

auguris - Videogame Characters {public}

magikfanfic - 100 Comic Books, Story Arcs, Characters, Creators, Movies, etc. I Find Value In {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

rosage - 100 Things I love about the video game series Fire Emblems {public}

zombie_fetus - Favorite Skyrim Locations {flocked}

sjounouchi - Anime I own on DVD (and/or Blu-ray/ possibly VHS?)! {flocked but friendable}

fandomonymous - 50 thoughts on anime/manga + 50 thoughts on video games / DW {public, some potentially triggering material and also spoilers}

hamsterfactor - 100 Things Manga {flocked but friendable, possible NSFW/triggers}

moon_destiny - 100 Awesome Comic Book Moments {public}

rooftop_scenery - 100 male characters from anime/manga {public and flocked, some NSFW}

wrath - The World of Warcraft {public, probably bad language}

atowaito - 100 Favourite "Detective Conan" moments {public}

supaserajupiter - Awkward Moments in Fandom {public, warnings if applicable}

solitary_zero - Video Game Memories {public}

ajisaitea - Manga Titles I Loved {public}

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