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100 Things About Fandom & Fanwork

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Fandom, Fanart, Fanvids, & Fanfic

etacanis - Fandom Related Things {public}

stacefaceex - 100 Fandom Favourites {flocked, friendable with shared interests}

cheriestar - On 100 of the pairings I like {public}

kitty_fic - 1- Fests & Comms I love or 2- Things I love about fandom or 3- Ways to get involved in fandom {public, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

mabonwitch - Merlin Magic Reveal Recs {public}

starianprincess - 100 Things I Love About My Fandoms! I'll be breaking them down into specific items (like characters and/or pairings) per fandom and have at least ten fandoms, including Prince of Tennis, Tiger & Bunny, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. {public, potentially triggering material}

wolfish_willow - Fics that I love {public, potentially triggering and NSFW material}

welfycat - 100 Musings on Writing Fanfiction {public}

vethica - 100 of my fandoms! {public}

theeverdream - 100 minifics {public, potentially triggering or NSFW material}

naemi - explicitly kinky things I want to see (fiction-wise) {flocked, send proof of kinky thing you wrote to be added, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

Serpentine @ DW - 100 Character Pieces/Meta {public}

stacy_l - 100 Favorite Fanvids {flocked but friendable}

lil_jei 100 Canon/Fandom Moments That Changed My Life {Public; possible triggers}

naemi 100 Fic Bunnies of all Kind {Public}

jadeleopard - 100 crossovers/crossover ships that don't get enough attention :D {public}

history13041985 - 100 things on fanfic {public, with warnings}

dhfreak - 100 Crossovers that would be awesome {public}

dolnmoon - 100 Fandom Finds {public, nsfw}

silverraven - 100 recs {public, with warnings}

usamichan13 - 100 Fanfic Ideas I Wanted to Write {public}

certainti - 100 things about 100 fandoms {public}

anneka_neko - Pairings/Couples/Threesomes/Moresomes/Character Dynamics I Enjoy {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

cho_malfoy - Fanworks I love {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

findmyantidrug - {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

valinorean - 100 Unforgettable Fanworks {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

sparrowsverse - Bandom Photographs {public}

csichick_2 - 100 Ships I Love {public}

leoraine - 100 Things That Strike My Fancy {public}

alorarose - 100 Fandoms I Love {public, will warn for NSFW}

yehwellwhatever - 100 Fanfics I really wish I’d written {flocked but friendable, will warn for adult content}

colls - 100 fannish things you might've missed {flocked, potential NSFW}

obnoxygen - 100 Fic I Really Loved {public, will warn for adult content and triggers}

magic_knickers - 100 Fics I Really Loved & 100 Things I Love. {public, will warn for adult content}

waltzmatildah - 100 Katherine Pierce Crossovers {public}

clex_monkie89 - 100 Fannish Things {public, will cut for possible adult content and triggers}

leashy_bebes - 100 fanfics that blew my minds {public, will cut possible triggers and adult content}

dysonrules - 100 Harry/Draco fanfiction recs {public}

tikiaceae - 100 Long fic recs {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW content}

ordinaryink - Drawing 100 AU moments {public, will warn for adult content}

misheard - 100 Smutfic Recs {public, NSFW}

isis_uf - 100 Fanfics I have loved {public, potential triggers/NSFW content}

casness - my favorite pairings {flocked but friendable}

freakingcrups - Favourite pairings {public}

lozenger8 - The 100 fics I haven't written {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW}

malicehaughton - 100 Drabbles of 100 Doctor Who pairings. {public, will cut for triggers/NSFW}

jedimasterstar - 100 drabbles or ficlets of Avengers {public, will cut for potential triggers/NSFW content}

slash4femme - Things I Have Learned From Fandom/Fanfiction {Public, mostly}

hamimifk - My 100 Favorite Pairings {Public }

kates_couch - Why I’m A Fan (Or Not) {Public }

chrissy_sky - Fandom Things {Locked}

cajunbaby86 - 100 Things I've learned about my fandoms {public}

arilyn9 - 100 Random Top5 Lists (most will be related to fandoms somehow) {flocked but friendable}

quickreaver - "100 Supernatural Things" favorite fics, art, songs, projects inspired by The Little Show That Could {public}

geckoholic - fannish recs {flocked but friendable}

mentalistecbm - fic related things, put into subcategories. explained more at journal. {public, potential triggers, will warn}

xkilaz - Fandom Related things {flocked but friendable}

mihnn - My favourite fics. This will include multi-fandoms and multi-pairings. {public}

sky_blue44 - 100 Things I Love About Fandoms {public}

tsutsuji - favorite characters and other things I love about fandom / DW {public}

hanakoanime - Fics that I Really Loved {flocked but friendable, discussion of adult material}

mollivanders - economics explained with fandom concepts {public}

thinkxpink - my favorite pairings [will include celebs] {public}

teevee_etc - 100 Graphics related to my fandoms {public}

naripolpetta - Me and Fandom {flocked but friendable, potential triggering material}

bertee - Fic/art/vid recs, mostly in the Supernatural and CWRPF fandom {flocked but friendable, nsfw links posted}

temporalranger - Ships & Characters {flocked}

temporalranger - Dean/Cas AUs {flocked}

misako93 - 100 fanfiction I liked and why. {flocked, potentially triggering material}

goddess47 - 100 things I like about Stargate Atlantis fandom {public}

ozmissage - Awesome (Fictional) Platonic, Romantic and Familial Relationships {public}

lady_drace - 100 fanfic WIPs or plot bunnies of mine, which I hope to finish, or just really like. / DW {public}

ronsoftie - 100 fandom things I love {flocked but friendable}

dragon - 100 Feelings on Fandom {flocked but friendable}

norgbelulah - 100 Awesome Fics I've Read and Loved {public}

sophia_clark - My 100 Favorite Fanworks {public}

femme_slash_fan - 'Allo Allo and the fan-characters it inspires {flocked but friendable}

sara_lakali - Fiction and Fanfiction from Varied Fandoms {public, with warnings for NSFW}

kerry_louise - 100 WiP Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write! {flocked but friendable}

nufaciel - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked but friendable}

Lionchilde/Rose - 100 Things I've Learned Writing Fanfiction {public, will warn for NSFW}

silentflux - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked, NSFW/triggering}

finduilas_clln - 100 Fandom Requests {public, warnings}

simplyn2deep - 100 Fandom Requests {public; some NSFW}

jinxed_wood - 100 Thing I Love About Fandom {public}

blithesea - Vidding {public}

hollys_tree - 100 Wonderful Fanfics {public}

shi_koi - 100 of My Favourite Fanfics {public; will warn for NSFW or triggers}

magi143emmykat - 100 Drabbles {public}

regularamanda - 100 rambles about my fandoms {public}

rabidrainbow - Various thoughts about my fandoms {public}

gamma_x_orionis - Harry Potter pairings {public}

ladygj - Fandom (Shows, Characters, Ships, Episodes and many other things) {semi-public, friendable}

hoktauri - 125 Fanfiction! Reviews of fanfics recommended by popkin16here {public, NSFW/triggers}

mands_angelfox - Characters that I love {public}

riveroceansea - Fandoms of My Life {public, potential NSFW/triggers}

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