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100 Things About Writing, Words & Poetry

{Category: Writing, Words, & Poetry}

Writing, Words, & Poetry

viennajones - 100 stories I would love to tell {flocked but potentially friendable}

ologist - ideas for original fiction {flocked but friendable}

lil_1337 - 100 Drabbles for 100 Fandoms {public}

xinvisiblewings - 100 forgotten tales (i.e. random stories/documents laying around that I've never finished) {public}

kinky_kneazle - 100 Things Every Writer Should Re {public}

wolfspeaker01 - Story Ideas {public}

frith_in_thorns - 100 small piles of words I come across (ie random bits of writing I like) {public}

allaroughdraft - 100 Stories about 100 Characters {mostly public and friendable}

denebides - Poetry {public}

indyangel - Creative Drabbles Inspired by Song Lyrics or Quotes {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

dawn_felagund - writing {public}

jana_denardo - writing {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

veils - 100 script ideas (movies/tv/plays(/books?) {mix of public and flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

rumpledlinen - 100 Things I Want to Write {public, will warn for NSFW}

synnerxx - Writing and what I love (and hate) about it! {flocked, will warn for NSFW}

clex_monkie89 - 100 Plot Bunnies {public, will cut for possible adult content and triggers}

pointblankdarcy - 100 days of words {flocked but friendable}

schwa - Linguistics {flocked but friendable}

zarathustra - 100 writers of wit and beauty {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

zarathustra - 100 writing projects I'll likely never finish {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

fionnabhar - quick and dirty grammar lessons {public}

calembours - 100 Things I've Wanted to Discuss (Or Stories I've Wanted to Tell) {public & flocked, potential triggers/NSFW}

nonniemous (Dreamwidth user) - Things that I Wrote {Public, mostly}

primeideal (Dreamwidth user) - 100 Lipograms (posts without the letter E) {Public}

falcons_honour - Conversations with Characters {Locked}

therentyoupay - (New & Old) Words That I Want to Use More Often {public}

maerhys - short writing (original fic, fan fic, poetry, memoir) {public}

thuri - I'm writing a serial story, committing to two parts a week, putting up each rough draft as it comes. {public}

vexed_wench - Plot bunnies for multiple fandoms {flocked bur friendable}

catty_the_spy - Writing {public}

tree - (Mostly) Poetry and (Some) Songs and (Lots of) ~Feelings / DW {public}

brbckrider - 100 Pieces of Flash Fiction/Poetry Inspired By Random Photos/Videos That I Find On The Inter-Webs {flocked but friendable}

mydeira - 100 Stories, Scenes, or Snippets {public, NSFW}

sadbhyl - 100 Drabbles based on the OED Word of the Day {public, sporadically NSFW}

moonjumpkitty - 100 Scenes from Stories that are in My Head {public; possible triggers but will warn}

melodily - Creations inspired by another work {public}

poetic_pixie_13 - 100 Letters To The World {public; will warn for potential triggers}

ladderax - Fiction & Fiction Writing {public; NSFW}

claviculas - 100 Scenes for 10 Original Characters {flocked; will warn for NSFW or triggers; entries in Portuguese}

snorchu - 100 Stories Created From the Appearance of 100 Different Strangers I See {public}

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