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Mixed Bags: Pop Culture

{Mixed Bags: Pop Culture}

100 Things Pop Culture

captandor - Pop Culture Things (may or not include: things I like, things I hate, politics, memes, fandom, books, movies, news stories...) {flocked but friendable}

noodledays - the pop culture of my youth {mostly flocked}

cabooklover - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {flocked but friendable}

saar_fantasy - Things I Love, Movies I've seen, Fandoms I'm in {flocked but friendable}

ohtancursi - Books, manga, anime, tv shows/movies & bands/artists {flocked but friendable}

_eyesofpride_ - 100 Books, Movies, TV Shows and Songs I Like! {flocked but friendable}

muneca_brava - 10x10 Cultural lifechangers (books, movies, songs, plays, places, tv shows, non-fictional texts, paintings, other works of art, poems) {public}

stargazer60 - 100 books/films/tv shows/music I have loved in my life {flocked but friendable}

readbystarlight - Book, Fics and awesome things {public, with warnings}

13066301 - Writing and art {public}

alexcat - 100 books or movies that I loved or hated {public}

jaydenbell - Pop Culture, Mainstream Media, and Random Bits The World Ought To Know {public, with warnings}

rogueleopard - media, my favorite books, music (bands and/or songs), shows, films and comics {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

onerva_t - 100 Pop Culture Obsessions that made an impact on my life somehow {public}

von_questenberg - 100 Fictional Women Who Are Better Than You {public, potentially triggering}

sphinxofthenile - 100 Memorable Characters (Books/Movies/TV/Other) {public}

estel_willow - 100 favourite characters {public}

hikarunokite - 100 Books, Movies, Songs, and Anime/Cartoons (25 of each) that I love. {public}

phyncke - culture vulture reviews of restaurants, books, movies, tv and art {public}

musicalpanties - Favorite TV/Movie/Book Characters and I wanted to do another one, Albums that I love. {flocked but friendable}

miss_peg - 100 Smiles {public}

fairyniamh - My Favorite things. (e.g. Music, stories, movies, TV shows, ect.) {public}

emesque - 100 reflections on books I've read and movies/tv I've seen {flocked but friendable}

kaitlia777 - 100 Books, Songs, Movies, and TV Shows I Have Loved {public, with warnings}

halcyon_iota - Stories + Texts, (a.k.a. novels, plays, video games, television shows, films + any textbooks I like). {public}

xheartlikeminex - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {flocked but friendable}

emanga - Awesome books and music; one each per post. Creative, I know. {public}

zombres - POP CULTURE YOU SHOULD KNOW {public}

kseenaa - 100 Things To Read (books/comics/fanfic) {public}

lelek - 100 Books, TV Shows, and Films I love {flocked but friendable, with warnings}

nikojen - Fictional Scenes/Moments that Push My Buttons {public}

pan_alchemist - 100 Moments in Fiction {public}

misslucythenerd - 100 Things to Watch, Read and Listen To {flocked, but friendable}

love_toall - 100 Fictional Moments That Made Me Cry {Public, with warnings}

sandoz_iscariot - 100 Books and Films {public, will have warnings}

noapologiesx - 100 Queer Things (including my personal experiences and musings, movie/book/tv/music recs and criticism, and writing) {mostly public, potentially NSFW}

patriciatepes - 100 Badass Villains {public}

celticoak - 100 Things that make me stop and think {flocked, friendable}

plumeriandeity - 100 Fictional Characters I (dis)like {flocked, friendable}

mierke - Character Relationships (Books & TV Shows) {public}

eviltwin - 100 Things To Do To Waste Time, Songs That Rock, Awesome TV Shows and Recipes {flocked; friendable}

wearestarrdust - Favourites - falling into ONLY these catergories; 1. Song's 2. Book's 3. Movie's 4. Episode of a TV show (or even a moment) {public}

endlessdeep - Favorite Entertainment Related Things {public}

orangerful - Things I love about/from pop culture {flocked, friendable}

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