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100 Things About Photography, Art, Craft & Design

{Category: Photography, Art, Craft & Design}

Photography, Art, Craft & Design

jasmine_rosalee - 100 Pictures of Doors (and Sometimes Their Houses) {flocked but friendable}

schlopki - 100 crafts Mella did {public}

nahara - Art I Like and Why {flocked but friendable, some NSFW images}

dreamalliance - Photos of My Life {public}

electricdruid - My photographs {public, some flocked}

signe_chan - Things I've Made {public}

abigail89 - Photographs {public}

krax - 100 things i learned at university of arts (being a design student) {public}

colliemommie - 100 Things, William Morris Edition (100 things I own that I find beautiful, or know are useful) {flocked but friendable}

shinysparks 100 Potentially Warped Things I've Doodled {Public}

crysania4 - 100 Photos of Dahlia (my dog) that I love {public}

shunhuggedme - 100 Awesome Photos of T.A.R.D.I.S., with T.A.R.D.I.S. being my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Emphasis on my learning how to use my camera better. {public}

roisin_farrell - 100 pictures {flocked but friendable}

freaky_nerd - 100 digital painting studies {public, possibly NSFW}

elli - Analog and digital drawing and painting {public}

rogueleopard - a photo digest of where I live and play {public}

automaticdoor - 100 Instagram-Edited Photographs Along With Richly-Detailed Image Descriptions! {flocked}

vaguelyclear - 100 Amazing Designs {public}

solara_karrde - Things I want to make/craft {public}

leesa_perrie - Photos I Have Taken in 2012 {public}

amaresu - 100 Kites I Made And Flew {public}

becofoz - 100 of my favourite photos and the reasons why {flocked}

zinke - 100 Photos of my life in NY {public}

jhava - 100 of My Favourite Photos and the Memories They Bring {public}

allwasnew - 100 Random Drawings {public. Will warn for adult content}

siluria - 100 images of non-fandomy things that make me happy {public & flocked but friendable}

libradragonmom - 100 of my favourite photos and the reasons why {flocked but friendable}

loulita - 100 of my favourite meaningful, shocking, captivating photos { flocked but friendable, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

aythia - 100 pictures {public, NSFW content likely}

asterapallas - 100 photographs that mean a lot to me.
{flocked but friendable}

cb_eaglemaniac - 100 Photos that have significant personal meaning {flocked but friendable}

shadwrayvn - 100 pictures of my life! {public, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

maurice - 100 Pictures of Bell Towers {flocked but friendable}

holly_cky - 100 Things I Have Made {public}

badeperle - Pictures I Took While Being on Vacation Abroad {flocked but friendable}

darktwinkle - 100 Random photos I've taken/am in {public}

highlander_ii - 100 Photos I Have Taken {public}

taxcha - 100 inspirations, inspiring people and things inspired by them (art, design, fashion, crafts related) {public}

peartreealley - Things I Made. It'll mostly be knitting and spinning, but other crafts such as costuming, cooking, and fiction may also make appearances. {public}

noir_au_blanc - 100 Things on the subject of: Photos of People, Places, Things that I love. {flocked but friendable}

spotsofcolour - I'm aiming to draw 100 comics (or pictures) for journals, instead of just writing. {flocked but friendable}

catwalksalone - 100 Draw Something pictures from the sublime to the ridiculous / DW {public}

goldenusagi - 100 Rooms I Wish Were Mine {public}

randomrape - 100 Pictures and the Story behind them {semi-public and friendable}

raeve - 100 Sketches Using Traditional Media {public}

simonejester - Completed crochet/knitting projects for my shop. (Mostly Pictures) {public}

edellin - Art Works I Like {public}

storyfan - 100 pieces of my original art {public}

lux_astraea - Photographs I've Taken Myself {flocked; friendable}

olympia_m - Art Works I Like(d) {public}

tsuki_no_bara - 100 Buildings and the Occasional Bridge {public}

mayfly_78 - 100 Photos I Have Taken and the Story Behind Them {public}

scribble_myname - This Creative Life {public}

tprillahfiction - 100 Pics from My Past {flocked, potentially triggering}

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