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100 Things About Film, TV & Radio

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Film, Radio & TV

jedi_of_urth - TV Episode Reviews {public}

lady_drose_sd - TV Shows {public}

wrthy2bluvd - 100 TV Shows [New & Old] {public}

katyhasclogs - What Katy read and heard (to be divided into 50 children's books that may or may not be awesome and 50 interesting radio programmes) {public}

kjmom1 - 100 Movies/TV Shows That I Love {public}

belle_carys - 100 Super-Who-Lokian Moments {public}

ultra_fic - My (extensive) DVD Collection {public}

zauberer_sirin - Japanese Film {public, some talk of graphic sex scenes, violence, rape, death}

syderia - Movies I've seen {public, with warnings}

alternaterocker - 100 Reasons I Love Laura Linney {public}

naushika - 100 Star Trek episodes (all series) {public}

zorb - Movies on My Mind {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

badjujuboo - Music or The Things That Pop Up On The Radio While Headed To Work {public}

oswin - 100 TV episodes that have changed my life {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

erynwen - Movies That Left An Impression {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

klingonlady - Favorite Television Episodes {public}

1_rhiannon_1 - 100 Movies I like/love/hate {public, will warn for adult content}

haughtymelodic - 100 Songs/Books/TV Episodes/Movies/Fanfics/Performances that made me way too emotional for my own good. {public, possible NSFW}

samelthecamel - 100 movies that inspire me to write a blog post {flocked but friendable}

alienat - 100 books, movies, TV shows, fics that have changed my life {flocked but friendable}

jodean80 - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {public}

lesson_in_love - 100 TV Shows {public, possible NSFW}

damelola - 100 Brilliant Episodes of Television {public}

caitriona_3 - Media things I enjoy {public}

hamarakissa - 100 tv/movies/music that I love {flocked but friendable, possible NSFW content}

hpfangirl71 - My favorite famous boys {public, will cut for NSFW content}

adeleyna - Books, Movies or TV Shows that I Have Read/Watched that Inspire Me {Public}

cookielaura - 100 YouTube Videos You Should Watch {Public, mostly}

hikarunokite - 100 Bookend Quotes from Criminal Minds, with a review of each episode that the quote appears in. {public}

alidiabin - 100 Movies {public}

pipisafoat - 100 Sortings: Putting Hogwarts's Sorting Hat on 100 TV Characters {public}

jennamcquaid - TV Shows (that I watched, loved or want to make) {public}

yohkobennington - I love/like from the show Supernatural {public}

floating_fog - 100 movies I've seen and adore {public}

slipjig - 100 Scenes {public}

teagirl_donna - 100 Things on the subject of: random tv knowledge and trivia {public}

karitawyr - 100 movies made prior to 1975 that I think you should see {public}

schaden_freude - 100 Movies {public}

enigmaticblues - 100 Favouirte TV Episodes {public}

nakeisha- TV 100 - 50 series; 50 pairings. {public}

lincolnimp - "TV Shows I Like For Various Reasons" (featuring tv shows from different countries) {public}

inferiarecoming - 100 Movies that I love to the point of creepy obsession {public, some triggering material as per film}

marlee813 - 100 Movies I Will Never Tire Of {public}

hyper_amychao - 100 Movies I've Seen {public}

karaokegal - 100 Television shows {public, possibly NSFW, triggers - read at own risk}

atanih88 - 100 Favourite Episodes and Movies, In No Particular Order {public, some NSFW}

revieloutionne - 100 Things I Love About Live-Action Japanese Children's Superhero Shows (And Their Derivatives) {public}

emiv - 100 Things Fight Club Has Taught Me About Life {public; adult language}

smiley_b - Strictly Come Dancing With the Stars: The Good, The Bad & The God-Awful {public}

kiss_me_cait23 - Pop radio, rock radio, cranky DJs, perfect songs, and hiding the naughty stuff from my parents. {public}

serendipityxxi - Ships {public}

byslantedlight - The Professionals {public; NSFW under cut}

severina2001 - Zombies! {public}

a_frozen_second - Commercials That Made an Impression on Me {public}

batsublue - The last movies I've seen {public, under cut if NSFW}
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