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Category: Random, Facts & Things

{Category: Random, Facts & Things}

Random Facts, Things, & Misplaced Objects

errant_evermore - Random Facts I Find Interesting {public}

theninth - 100 Things About Things {public}

birdienl - Facts you didn't know about, Which are not very useful to know, But might come in handy on a boring birthday party {public}

linguini17 - 100 Answers to 100 Questions {public}

purple_bug - 100 Things I Found Out Of Place At A Supermarket {public}

elixir_of_life - 100 Things I Didn't Expect To See Today {flocked but friendable}

hooloovoo_42 - 100 Items found in my home {public}

tmsj - things of mine and the stories behind them {public}

passionrlsusall - 100 Reused or Recycled Things I Own {public}

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