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100 Things About People, Real & Fictional

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People, Both Real & Fictional

strawberryfunk - 100 Fictional Characters I Love {public}

hay1ock - My favourite characters from 100 movies/tv shows and maybe others {public}

penny_lane_42 - Characters Who Helped Me Construct My Identity {public}

madri - Female Characters I Love {public}

etapa - 100 Characters That Made Fiction World More Enjoyable For Me {public}

pada_something - 100 Marvel Characters I Really Love And Why {flocked but friendable}

apinchofcyanide 100 Fictional Characters I Love {Public}

scout - 100 Favorite Characters {flocked but friendable,}

lit_chick08 - 100 Kick Ass Female Characters {public}

mmichelle - 100 fictional characters I adore {public}

persiflage_1 - People Who Interest Me {public}

curve - 100 people I know, knew or met. {flocked but friendable}

sugarlungs - bitches i love: real & fictional women who haven't been afraid of bearing their teeth & claws {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

archylou - people I have admired, from ages 12 to nearly 30 {flocked but friendable}

icelisou68 - 100 People Who Inspire Me {flocked but friendable, will include religious figures}

sheryls_pen - 100 amazing people on the autism spectrum {public}

2am_limbo - 100 Inspirational People Within the LGBTQ and/or those affected by mental illnesses communities {public}

engarian An Examination of People - Both in RL and Cyber-Life {Public}

kayim - Characters That I Love {public}

kitsuneasika - 100 Favorite Fictional Females {flocked but friendable}

nicevenn - Hot men {public, possibly NSFW}

akamarykate - 100 Fictional Characters I Love (mostly teevee & books) / DW {public}

agathons_fan - (Favorite Fandom) Characters {public}


rakshi - 100 things I love about the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. {public}

pleasebekidding - Male characters who have really struck me, for one reason or another. {public}

memoonster - my 100 favorite characters from books,movies, and television. {public}

miss_peg - 100 fictional characters I admire {public}

lyryk - 100 female characters I love (mostly queer/chromatic characters from TV shows/films/books; see my interests/profile page for fandoms I like). {public}

richyl88 - 100 favourite fictional characters {public}

_inbetween_ - Six Degrees of Julian Barratt aka "The Mighty Boosh" - from The Pod via Unnatural Acts to Chekov and Tanlines {public}

lennanightrun - Fictional Characters {public}

kaaatie - Favourite characters {public}

twisted_slinky - 100 Fictional Characters Made of Win {public}

subtlynice - Favourite Fictional Characters {flocked but friendable}

erunamiryene - 100 Things I Learned in the United States Marine Corps (Serious, Funny, and Everything In Between {public}

milkcartons - People in My Life {flocked; friendable}

mertonfanatic - Days in My Life {public}

sherlockholmes - Sherlock Holmes {flocked; friendable}

rosir - 100 People I've Met {flocked; friendable}

kwritten - Fictional Characters That Have Inspired Me {public}

rileyc - 100 Favorite Fictional People, Places and Things {public}

feline_muse - One Hundred Things You Oughta Know About Me (quirks, stories and beliefs) {public, warnings}

caethis - People (friends, family, actors, musicians, characters) {semi-public, friendable}

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