April 29th, 2012

Mixed Bags: Pop Culture

{Mixed Bags: Pop Culture}

100 Things Pop Culture

captandor - Pop Culture Things (may or not include: things I like, things I hate, politics, memes, fandom, books, movies, news stories...) {flocked but friendable}

noodledays - the pop culture of my youth {mostly flocked}

cabooklover - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {flocked but friendable}

saar_fantasy - Things I Love, Movies I've seen, Fandoms I'm in {flocked but friendable}

ohtancursi - Books, manga, anime, tv shows/movies & bands/artists {flocked but friendable}

_eyesofpride_ - 100 Books, Movies, TV Shows and Songs I Like! {flocked but friendable}

muneca_brava - 10x10 Cultural lifechangers (books, movies, songs, plays, places, tv shows, non-fictional texts, paintings, other works of art, poems) {public}

stargazer60 - 100 books/films/tv shows/music I have loved in my life {flocked but friendable}

readbystarlight - Book, Fics and awesome things {public, with warnings}

13066301 - Writing and art {public}

alexcat - 100 books or movies that I loved or hated {public}

jaydenbell - Pop Culture, Mainstream Media, and Random Bits The World Ought To Know {public, with warnings}

rogueleopard - media, my favorite books, music (bands and/or songs), shows, films and comics {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

onerva_t - 100 Pop Culture Obsessions that made an impact on my life somehow {public}

von_questenberg - 100 Fictional Women Who Are Better Than You {public, potentially triggering}

sphinxofthenile - 100 Memorable Characters (Books/Movies/TV/Other) {public}

estel_willow - 100 favourite characters {public}

hikarunokite - 100 Books, Movies, Songs, and Anime/Cartoons (25 of each) that I love. {public}

phyncke - culture vulture reviews of restaurants, books, movies, tv and art {public}

musicalpanties - Favorite TV/Movie/Book Characters and I wanted to do another one, Albums that I love. {flocked but friendable}

miss_peg - 100 Smiles {public}

fairyniamh - My Favorite things. (e.g. Music, stories, movies, TV shows, ect.) {public}

emesque - 100 reflections on books I've read and movies/tv I've seen {flocked but friendable}

kaitlia777 - 100 Books, Songs, Movies, and TV Shows I Have Loved {public, with warnings}

halcyon_iota - Stories + Texts, (a.k.a. novels, plays, video games, television shows, films + any textbooks I like). {public}

xheartlikeminex - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {flocked but friendable}

emanga - Awesome books and music; one each per post. Creative, I know. {public}

zombres - POP CULTURE YOU SHOULD KNOW {public}

kseenaa - 100 Things To Read (books/comics/fanfic) {public}

lelek - 100 Books, TV Shows, and Films I love {flocked but friendable, with warnings}

nikojen - Fictional Scenes/Moments that Push My Buttons {public}

pan_alchemist - 100 Moments in Fiction {public}

misslucythenerd - 100 Things to Watch, Read and Listen To {flocked, but friendable}

love_toall - 100 Fictional Moments That Made Me Cry {Public, with warnings}

sandoz_iscariot - 100 Books and Films {public, will have warnings}

noapologiesx - 100 Queer Things (including my personal experiences and musings, movie/book/tv/music recs and criticism, and writing) {mostly public, potentially NSFW}

patriciatepes - 100 Badass Villains {public}

celticoak - 100 Things that make me stop and think {flocked, friendable}

plumeriandeity - 100 Fictional Characters I (dis)like {flocked, friendable}

mierke - Character Relationships (Books & TV Shows) {public}

eviltwin - 100 Things To Do To Waste Time, Songs That Rock, Awesome TV Shows and Recipes {flocked; friendable}

wearestarrdust - Favourites - falling into ONLY these catergories; 1. Song's 2. Book's 3. Movie's 4. Episode of a TV show (or even a moment) {public}

endlessdeep - Favorite Entertainment Related Things {public}

orangerful - Things I love about/from pop culture {flocked, friendable}

Mixed Bags: Things I ♥ etc.

{Mixed Bags: Things I ♥}

100 Things I Love/Are Awesome/Make Me Happy etc.

mexicantt - 100 Things I Have Obsessed Over {public, potentially triggering and/or NSFW}

denorios - 100 Things I Love {public}

tourdefierce - 100 Things Emily Adores {public}

i_know_its_0ver - 100 Guilty Pleasures {public, potentially NSFW entries}

msdillydally - 100 Things That Have Made Me Happy {public, potentially NSFW entries}

duskyn - 100 Things that Make Me Remember How Awesome Life Is {public}

monkeyscorpion - 100 Things I Love {public}

chispas - A Hundred Films / Books / TV Shows / Songs / Things That Have Inspired Me Or Made Me Think (also known by the much shorter title of 100 INSTANCES OF YAY {flocked}

arenee1999 - 100 Things I'm Obsessed With {public}

sigrundora - 100 Things I Think Are Awesome {public}

multifangeek 100 Favourite Things {Public}

havemy_heart - My Favourite Things {public, with potentially triggering material}

just_ann_now - Small Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy {public}

superfluous_emi - My Favorite Things (broken down into groups of ten--books, recipes, quotes, people, possessions, films, memories, hobbies/pastimes, television, miscellaneous) {public}

anyothergirl415 - 100 things I am passionate about {flocked but friendable, some NSFW}

bookishgeek - 100 things I love/enjoy/have consumed. {flocked but friendable}

analise010 - Things That Make Me Smile {public}

gehirnstuerm - 100 Things That Silve Loves {flocked}

reynardine - Things I Like {flocked}

nerfi_tiri - Things Which Matter(ed) To Me {public, potentially triggering material and NSFW}

luckweaver - 100 Indiscriminate Things That Have Made Me Smile {public}

to_taste_danger - 100 Things In Life That Bring Me Joy {public}

singulartoast - 100 Things I Love, broken down into Places, Foods, Funnies, Books, Fanfics, Characters, Songs. Movies, TV Shows, & Dailies {public}

newfie_dini - 100 Favourite Things {public}

latrans - things I think are pretty awesome on LJ / DW {public}

fortune8te - 100 Things that make me happy {flocked but friendable, warnings at journal}

misslucyjane - 100 Things That Give Me The Feels {public, potentially triggering material}

jeffhardyfan722 - 100 things that I love {public}

sallymn - 100 Things That Still Make Being Me Just That Bit Better... {public}

slantedknitting - Things That Make My Life (20 books, 20 movies, 20 songs, 20 tv shows, 20 places/items/topics, etc) {flocked but friendable, potentially some sexual explicit or violent material}

pkwench - 50 Things That Suck, 50 That Don't {public}

planetariium - 100 Things That Make Me Smile {flocked but friendable}

avashida - Things I Love {flocked but friendable}

phantmgreeneyes - things I love (books, movies, television shows, songs, videos, etc) {public}

tyreling - 100 random things I'm obsessed about {public}

janesgravity 100 things That Bring Me Great and Flaily Joy {Public}

v_mures - 100 Things I Love {public}

4am_secret - 100 Things That Make Me Feel Better About The World {public}

iamzulma - Things that make me happy {flocked but friendable}

argylepiratewd - Things that make me happy {public, nsfw behind cut}

jennickels - 100 Reasons to Keep Living {public}

kelkatan - 100 Things Tan's Thinking Of {public}

lost_spook - 100 Things I LIke in 100 Icons {public, some flocked}

glitterfairy25 - Things That Make Me Happy {public}

f_m_r_l - Ways I Procrastinate {public}

muziica - 100 things/people/places that I love {mostly public, possible triggers/NSFW}

diamonddustshoe - Things that Made me Smile, Giggle, or Laugh Insanely {public}

ella_bee - 100 little things that make me smile {public}

v_mures - Things I Love {public}

doylebaby - 100 things I love and enjoy {public}

belil_gaviel - favorite songs/bands, films, tv shows, books, hobbies (mainly photography) and travel {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

sdwolfpup - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {public}

mabith - 100 Bits of Happiness {public}

jadeddiva - 100 Things that I Bought that I Love {flocked, posts will include talk about alcohol}

bradspyjamas - 100 Favorite Things {public}

muffinpatronus - 100 of my favorite things {flocked but friendable, will warn for NSFW}

hardticket - My favorite things {flocked}

quichey - 100 Random Things of Joy {public & flocked}

magic_knickers - 100 Fics I Really Loved & 100 Things I Love. {public, will warn for adult content}

cupcake - 100 things I love {public}

slightlytookish - 100 Squeeful Things {public}

miki_moo - 100 things I like and would recommend to others {public, will warn for possible triggers and adult content}

metallikirk - 100 favourite things {public}

feauls - 100 favourites {flocked, possible triggers/adult content}

dark_alone - 100 obsessions {public}

heard_the_owl - 100 Things That Made My Heart Super Happy {public}

munibunny - 100 things worth waking up for {public for 6 months, NSFW}

majorrogue - 100 things that cheer me up when i look at them {public, will warn for NSFW content}

blossomdreams - 100 Things that I love {public}

wook77 - My 100 Favorite Things {public, possible NSFW content}

ms_soma - 100 Things I'm Grateful For {public}

magickmoons - 100 Days of Gratitude {Locked}

parrothead - Personal Growth {Locked for now}

gublers - 100 Things that Make Me Happy {Public}

SlashLover (non-LJ user) - 100 Things that Turn Me On {Public}

ella_bane - Fave Things {Public}

athena4lynn - Happy Things/Things That Make Me Happy {Locked}

beccers4469 - 100 Things I Love {public, probably NSFW}

penelopefriday - 100 Things Close To My Heart {public}

theangelpatrol - 100 Things I Love (a random yet slightly organized list) {public}

velociraptor52 - 100 Things I Love (Shows, movies, books, characters, etc) in groups of 10 {public}

tragicgraceful - Things I like {flocked but friendable}

zeropercent - My favorite things! [Mostly fanfics, songs, books, pictures, quotes] {public}

acausedusoleil - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I [have] Love[d]. {flocked but friendable}

nymphadora4 - Things That Brighten My Day, Lift My Spirits, and Make Me Smile {public}

amdeloag - My art, books, manga, things I like. {public}

bailunrui - 100 Things I am Thankful For {flocked but friendable}

indy1776 - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {flocked}

mangofandango - 100 things that make me happy, and 100 things I made with my CSA deliveries...I am indecisive so I picked two.

Snowylight - 100 things I love {public}

moongirl24 - I'm going with 100 Things That I Love {flocked but friendable}

leyosura - 100 things that make me smile {public}

ria_kukalaka - Things That Make Me Squee {public}

fahrbotdrusilla - favorite things {public}

silentflux - 100 Inspiring Things/Places/People {public, possible NSFW/triggers}

pikushi - 100 Little Pieces of Happiness {flocked, friendable}

pancreas - 100 random things/people I love {public}

like_cheap_wine - 100 Positive Things about my life, real and fannish {mostly public, warnings for NSFW etc}

evian_fork - Hobbies I Have {public, NSFW/triggers, some in English and some in Spanish}

bottle_of_smoke - Things I Love {public}

distantiation - 100 Things That Make Me Happy {flocked; friendable by commenting}

andraste_oz - 100 Things That Move or Interest Me {public}

kittu9 - 50 Things About Which I Am Delighted and 50 Things About Which I Am Displeased {public; possble triggers but will warn}

librarygeekgirl - 100 Things That I Fan Over and/or Geek Out Over {flocked; friendable}

lambhouse - Things I Love (and Why I Love Them) {public}

railenthe - Basically things I like/things that make me happy. (Things I heart?) Kind of an Oprah's Favorite Things deal {public, warnings}

antesqueluz - Random Things That Make Me Happy {public}

longboard - Things That Make Me Smile {flocked; friendable}

soteriophobe - 100 Favourite Scenes from Anything {public; will warn for NSFW or triggers}

Mixed Bags: OMG, There Is No Category For This

{Mixed Bags: OMG, There Is No Category For This}

100 Things: OMG, There Is No Category For This

apple_pathways - 100 Ideas I Had {public}

goldvermilion87 - 100 Things I Didn't Get The First Time {public}

snottygrrl - 100 gifts the universe has given me in 2012 {public}

hughville - 100 Things I Wish I'd Done Differently {flocked but friendable}

arliddian - 100 Open Letters to People I Encounter in Everyday Life {flocked but friendable}

realstone1903 - 100 Things That Flash Through My Brain {public}

delphipsmith - Surprises -- that is, people/things/events/ideas/etc. that have surprised me over the years {public}

appleling - Personal Reasons Why I'm Proud To Be Asian {flocked}

stephaniecain - Being Single {public, religious themes}

sylvaine57 - things there should be more of {public, potentially NSFW material}

saurab - 100 projects I'm going to do in 2012 {flocked but friendable}

thefallingapple - 100 Things That Made Me Laugh {flocked but friendable}

benkenobigal 100 Adventures With Fred {Flocked}

setauuta 100 Memories That Explain/Illustrate Why I Am the Way I Am {Public; possible triggers}

sharpiesgal - 100 Random Things That Wander Around My Brain On A Daily Basis {public}

queer_theory - 100 Things That Have Made My Sense Of Humor What It Is Today {unsure but friendable}

darth_kittius - TV shows I'm watching (and you should too); Books I love (and you should too); Ships I read (non-HP) (and you should rec me good fic); Recipes I make often (rec me similar and make these); Songs I love (and I promise not to make them ALL David Bowie) {public}

this_years_me - 100 Memories I Never Want To Lose {semi-public, friending}

dreamflower02 - 100 Random Musings on Creativity {public}

crowgirl13 - 100 landmarks of personal cartography {public and flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

tripperfunster - 100 Random Daily Blogs {public, age flocked, NSFW}

jacyevans - 100 Things of Emotional Importance {public, will warn for NSFW}

coendou - 100 Ideas I’ve Had {flocked}

fate_incomplete - 100 random things that caught my attention {public & flocked but friendable, will warn for adult content and possible triggers}

mzzgoddessblue - 100 Questions You Ask & I Will Answer (no matter how embarrassing, crazy, obscure or downright wtf) {public, will cut for possible triggers/NSFWcontent}

kajmere - 100 random purchases {public}

musesinspire - My thoughts of the day {public}

evil_little_dog - 100 Things I Feel Strongly About. {public}

chaotic_binky - 100 Things that caught my attention and made me take notice {flocked but friendable, possibly NSFW}

lab_brat - 100 Things from my Childhood {flocked but friendable}

captainraychill - 100 of My Memories (10 of which will be Lies) - just to keep it interesting; I will disclose in each entry if the memory is true or false {public}

leonie_alastair - Adventures in Moving {public}

imprintofadream - 100 things that surprise me in my day to day life {public}

myaru - "The Creative Process" (ahah, so pretentious)"> {public}

omteddy2006 - nothing, in the Seinfeldian sense (i.e., wry and possibly inane comments on the fluff of life. {flocked}

joanses - 100 Things on the Road to Becoming a Teacher, or the good, the bad, and what keeps me from not going off the rails {flocked but friendable}

maurice - one each of all the 100 (Hopefully Alternate) Things You Could Do A 100 Things List About, by springinstep {public}

tsukkomi_boke - Things that Happened Because I went to SFA (since I'm super nostalgic because I graduate in 2 weeks!) {public}

ruthlessangel - 100 Things I Thought Sounded Interesting {flocked but friendable}

ellipsisthgreat - Drive-Thru Dos and Don'ts {public}

hiza_chan - 100 Things That Result in Laughter {flocked but adding}

sisterthemoon - Things that have moved me to tears. {flcoked but friendable, potetnially triggering material}

briel_morrigan - a combo of 100 Places I've Hung My Hat/100 Moments When Ordinary People Changed My/The World/100 Pics of Abandoned Buildings {public}

epubagent - things that are important to me {public, potentially triggering material}

pprfaith - Anecdotes From This Girl's Life {public}

scarletladyy - My Memories {flocked}

caesaria - 100 things (& people) I dig. {flocked but friendable}

kellyzat - 100 Random Work Things {flocked, triggers}

edible_couture - 100 Rants and Overanalyses {flocked, friendable}

hellaine - Sexual Encounters {public, triggers, NSFW}

laseaboheme - 100 Things which could or would only happen at my workplace {flocked, friendable if you introduce yourself at main post}

loveaddiction - Things I find unacceptable and ridiculous {flocked, friendable}

quintenttsy - Lists of Random Things That Interest Me {public; possible triggers but will warn}

selenic76 - 100 Things That Wow Me {public}

superduperotaku - Internet Pages Everyone Should Visit {public}

vanessawolfie - My Thoughts Brought on by Icons {public; personal flocked; NSFW under cut}

jadegoat - 100 Things That Make Me Go Hmmm... {public}

tari_roo - 100 Thoughts on the Drive Home {public}

frotcake - 100 Things I Saw On My Way {public}

ellesbelles1909 - The Body {flocked, friendable, maybe NSFW or triggering}

norwegianne - Royalty {public}

janetutor - Memories {some public, some flocked; friendable}

lynx212 - The Randomness That Is Me - My Thought Process and My So Called Life {flocked; friendable}

chasethefeeling - Whatever I Feel Like or That I Don't Normally Post About {mostly public; will warn for triggers}

moookiecoookie - 100 Simple Disney Things {flocked; friendable}

misbehavingmom - 100 Days of Me {flocked; will warn for triggers; friendable}

alex_mar - 100 Favourite M/M Works {public; NSFW}

atomicxfool - Pieces that make me who I am {public, possible NSFW/triggers}

aachren - Decisions I Have Made and How Those Decisions Made Me {semi-public, friendable}

100 Things About Music & Song

{Category: Music & Song}


jagnikjen - 100 songs from my iTunes collection, including video and a reason for/meaning behind the song {public}

appleautumn - 100 Songs That Mean Something To Me (& The Stories That Go With Them) {flocked but friendable}

jdbracknell - 100 Songs To Teach You Everything You Need To Know {public}

race_the_ace - 100 Songs (I think) Everyone Should Hear {flocked}

queer_theory - 100 Songs and What They Mean To Me {public}

faithharkness - Pieces of music I keep coming back to {public}

soberloki 100 Songs That Have Earwormed Me {Public}

faecat 100 Songs That Speak to My Soul {Public}

proseac1 - 100 great songs by the classic band RUSH and what they mean to me {public}

lark - Awesome musical artists {members-only community, open}

somehowunbroken - songs that mean something to me {public, with warnings}

crysania4 - 100 Pieces of Classical Music Everyone Should Know {public}

sour_worms - 100 Songs That Made Me Feel Something {public}

allaroughdraft - 100 Recordings {public, with warnings}

alternaterocker - 100 Songs That Made Me {public}

roisin_farrell - my top 100 songs as determined by how much I have listened to them {flocked but friendable}

anion - 100 Things About Music and Dance {public & flocked but friendable}

waltzmatildah - 100 Songs By Australian Artists That The Rest Of The World Should Know And Love {public}

littlblackghost - Music that will change your life {flocked}

whocares19_05 - 100 songs I cannot live without {public}

apolla - 100 Awesome Musical Things To Be Found On YouTube {public}

ovariesofsteel - Music/songs and the ways it has touched my life. {public}

shadwrayvn - 100 songs/movies more people need to discover {public, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

stellamoon - 100 Pieces of Art and Music That Touch My Soul {public}

gobbolina - 100 songs that grabbed me {flocked but friendable}

pretiossissime - Songs That Inspire Art {Public}

searchtheskies - Song Sets {Locked}

hanseatic_keks - 100 Songs everyone should know {flocked but friendable}

luxken27 - 100 Songs That Have Moved Me / DW {public}

edah - Songs that mean something to me {public}

kodamasama - 100 Songs and why I love them {public}

omgwtfskittles - 100 albums that changed my life {flocked but friending}

scarlett_h - 100 Albums I Adore {public}

chicafrom3 - Favorite Tracks From Cast Albums (with a ... somewhat loose definition of 'cast albums') {public}

chainmailmaiden - 100 songs which mean something special to me {public}

i_am_ammo - Music: Albums, Singles, Eps, Remixes, Soundtracks, Collaborations, Songs, Lyrics, Bands, and Artists {public}

unkyrich - 100 most important albums to me {public}

siochembio - My autobiography as told through 100 pieces of music (mostly classical, but not all). {flocked but freindable}

m14mouse - Music (Bands, Artists, Songs, Video games, TV, Cartoon, and Inspiration) {public}

lifethreads - Songs - My Best, Worst, and Most Meaningful {flocked, friendable}

eviltwin - Bands I Love {flocked, friendable}

bleed_peroxide - 100 Songs That Feed My Muse {public; possible triggers but will warn}

goingtoqueens - 100 Favorite Songs {public, NSFW, potential triggers}

laranlas_keryn - 100 of My Favourite Songs {public}

rahenna - Darren Hayes Songs & Mini Reviews {public}

heavenly_rain - What I Know, What I Don't Know and What I'm Learning About the Ukulele {public}

teambenevolence - My Favourite 100 Video Game Music {public}

sictransits - Bands/Musical Artists {flocked; friendable}

tranquil_ity - "The song in my head" {public}

sacredlith - 100 Eargasming Covers and Remixes of Official Songs - the legit ones {public, warnings if NSFW/triggers}

Category: 100 Things About Sci-fi & Fantasy

{Category: Sci-fi & Fantasy}

Sci-fi & Fantasy

caffeinatedlife - Science fiction and fantasy stuff (books, authors, television shows, etc.) {public}

catyah - The books and movies of Stephen King {public}

beren_writes - 100 vampire things I love (or not) {public, with warnings}

punch - 100 Things Sci Fi { flocked but friendable, will cut potential triggers}

beccastareyes - 100 SF and Fantasy Stories {public, warnings}

Category: 100 Things About Fashion & Beauty

Category: 100 Things About Books, Mythology & Folklore

{Category: Books, Mythology & Folklore}

Books, Mythology & Folklore

igrab - 100 Feelings Books Gave Me {public}

immortality - 100 Favorite Books {public}

darkmoonrises7 - 100 Things to Read and See {public, warning for horror movie/book content}

igrab - Myths as Retold By Igrab {public, some triggers as per the nature of myths}

rainmage - 100 curious things about mythology {public, with some warnings for mythological horror, death, and sex}

jacknjill270 - Myths you should know/books you should read {mostly public}

mindwar - Books I Love {public}

unperfectwolf - the absolutely cliched "100 Books I Have Loved" {public}

goseaward - Stories that are or were important to me! {public}

mizzy2k - books (or trilogies or series) that my flist might like, because I like them for various reasons (both the books and my flist). {public}

hallonpaj - 100 Books I've Read {flocked but friendable}

dqbunny - 100 myths, history, and fairy tales {public}

ellecc - 100 Things to Read (fic and "real" stuff alike) {public}

huinare 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me {Mostly Public}

endorphinehaze 100 Books/Graphic Novels I Have Read {Public; possible triggers}

monjinator 100 Books I Love {Flocked; possible triggers}

elfflame 100 Arthurian Things {Public; possible triggers}

ilcocoabean - Things I've read {public, with warnings}

willow_wand - 100 Young Adult novels {public}

kitsuneasika - 100 Favorite Fairy Tales {flocked but friendable, violence}

geni91782 - 100 books on my TBR list and why they are there {public, possibly triggering}

avianthropy - Books I Own (For One Reason or Another) {public, possibly triggering}

tideling - 100 books that shaped my life {public}

tilly_stratford - Norse mythology {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

rhoda_rants - Books (short reviews) {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

significantowl - 100 Things I Like to Read {flocked, will warn for adult content.}

ciaimpala - 100 Books I Love You Might Not Have Heard Of {public, will warn for potential triggers and NSFW content}

lordhellebore - 100 books, plays, and poems {public, potential triggers/NSFW content}

vnfan - Favorite bits from books {public}

latenightcuppa - fictional characters have I loved {flocked but friendable}

rainfallsdown8 - Books! {Locked}

adeleyna - Books, Movies or TV Shows that I Have Read/Watched that Inspire Me {Public}

silver_trails - 100 Things About Art and Literature in Latin America {flocked}

clara_posts - 100 Bookish Things {public}

jenab - 100 Things About Reading {public}

katsheswims - Books! {public}

lilibel - Books I liked/loved since I've started reading {public}

randombastary - 100 things that strike my fancy regarding folktales/folk beliefs/superstitions/mythology/religion {flocked but friendable}

shakespearsgrl2 - Things Which I Have Read That Emotionally Affected Me {public}

ienablu - a hundred of my favorite writing passages {public}

miya_morana - 100 books {public}

emi_chirescue - Stories {public}

velvetina_wonka - Book reviews. (Sorry, not very imaginative) {flocked but friendable}

imachar - Non-fiction books that taught me all about life, the universe and everything... {public}

prfctdaze - Favorite Movies {flocked but friendable}

fullmoon02 - Literature & reading {flocked but friendable}

katsie - Things I've Learned From Books of All Sorts {flocked}

vampkiss - 100 of my favourite m/m romance books {public, NSFW}

sacredesire - Books I've never read before {flocked, friendable, possibly NSFW or triggering}

beccastareyes - 100 SF and Fantasy Stories {public, warnings}

freelancerrh - 100 Books By Women,Courtesy of Gutenberg.org {public}

osprey_archer - 100 Books That Influenced Me {public}

junejoy11 - 100 Books I Read and Loved {public}

linfer - Books {public}

aadarshinah - 125 Books Everyone Should Read Once in His/Her Life {public}

thirteen_inches - 100 Books That Are Lovely {public}

Category: Religion, Spirituality & The Occult

{Category: Religion, Spirituality & The Occult}

Religion, Spirituality & The Occult

allaroughdraft - Religion and Spirituality {mostly public and friendable}

_grayswandir_ - 100 Judeo-Christian Traditions {public, possible triggers}

keiliss 100 Things Relating to Fortune Telling and the Occult {Public; potentially NSFW}

georgiamagnolia - 100 things tarot {public}

night-mare - Things That Made Me Think (& What They Made Me Think About) {public, but with possible NSFW or triggering}

morrigans_eve - 100 Scraps of Plot, Escapee Scenes & What If Scenarios {flocked, but with possible NSFW or triggering}

100 Things About People, Real & Fictional

{Category: People, Real & Fictional}

People, Both Real & Fictional

strawberryfunk - 100 Fictional Characters I Love {public}

hay1ock - My favourite characters from 100 movies/tv shows and maybe others {public}

penny_lane_42 - Characters Who Helped Me Construct My Identity {public}

madri - Female Characters I Love {public}

etapa - 100 Characters That Made Fiction World More Enjoyable For Me {public}

pada_something - 100 Marvel Characters I Really Love And Why {flocked but friendable}

apinchofcyanide 100 Fictional Characters I Love {Public}

scout - 100 Favorite Characters {flocked but friendable,}

lit_chick08 - 100 Kick Ass Female Characters {public}

mmichelle - 100 fictional characters I adore {public}

persiflage_1 - People Who Interest Me {public}

curve - 100 people I know, knew or met. {flocked but friendable}

sugarlungs - bitches i love: real & fictional women who haven't been afraid of bearing their teeth & claws {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

archylou - people I have admired, from ages 12 to nearly 30 {flocked but friendable}

icelisou68 - 100 People Who Inspire Me {flocked but friendable, will include religious figures}

sheryls_pen - 100 amazing people on the autism spectrum {public}

2am_limbo - 100 Inspirational People Within the LGBTQ and/or those affected by mental illnesses communities {public}

engarian An Examination of People - Both in RL and Cyber-Life {Public}

kayim - Characters That I Love {public}

kitsuneasika - 100 Favorite Fictional Females {flocked but friendable}

nicevenn - Hot men {public, possibly NSFW}

akamarykate - 100 Fictional Characters I Love (mostly teevee & books) / DW {public}

agathons_fan - (Favorite Fandom) Characters {public}


rakshi - 100 things I love about the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. {public}

pleasebekidding - Male characters who have really struck me, for one reason or another. {public}

memoonster - my 100 favorite characters from books,movies, and television. {public}

miss_peg - 100 fictional characters I admire {public}

lyryk - 100 female characters I love (mostly queer/chromatic characters from TV shows/films/books; see my interests/profile page for fandoms I like). {public}

richyl88 - 100 favourite fictional characters {public}

_inbetween_ - Six Degrees of Julian Barratt aka "The Mighty Boosh" - from The Pod via Unnatural Acts to Chekov and Tanlines {public}

lennanightrun - Fictional Characters {public}

kaaatie - Favourite characters {public}

twisted_slinky - 100 Fictional Characters Made of Win {public}

subtlynice - Favourite Fictional Characters {flocked but friendable}

erunamiryene - 100 Things I Learned in the United States Marine Corps (Serious, Funny, and Everything In Between {public}

milkcartons - People in My Life {flocked; friendable}

mertonfanatic - Days in My Life {public}

sherlockholmes - Sherlock Holmes {flocked; friendable}

rosir - 100 People I've Met {flocked; friendable}

kwritten - Fictional Characters That Have Inspired Me {public}

rileyc - 100 Favorite Fictional People, Places and Things {public}

feline_muse - One Hundred Things You Oughta Know About Me (quirks, stories and beliefs) {public, warnings}

caethis - People (friends, family, actors, musicians, characters) {semi-public, friendable}

Category: Random, Facts & Things

100 Things About History & Nostalgia

100 Things About Film, TV & Radio

{Category: Film, TV & Radio}

Film, Radio & TV

jedi_of_urth - TV Episode Reviews {public}

lady_drose_sd - TV Shows {public}

wrthy2bluvd - 100 TV Shows [New & Old] {public}

katyhasclogs - What Katy read and heard (to be divided into 50 children's books that may or may not be awesome and 50 interesting radio programmes) {public}

kjmom1 - 100 Movies/TV Shows That I Love {public}

belle_carys - 100 Super-Who-Lokian Moments {public}

ultra_fic - My (extensive) DVD Collection {public}

zauberer_sirin - Japanese Film {public, some talk of graphic sex scenes, violence, rape, death}

syderia - Movies I've seen {public, with warnings}

alternaterocker - 100 Reasons I Love Laura Linney {public}

naushika - 100 Star Trek episodes (all series) {public}

zorb - Movies on My Mind {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

badjujuboo - Music or The Things That Pop Up On The Radio While Headed To Work {public}

oswin - 100 TV episodes that have changed my life {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

erynwen - Movies That Left An Impression {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

klingonlady - Favorite Television Episodes {public}

1_rhiannon_1 - 100 Movies I like/love/hate {public, will warn for adult content}

haughtymelodic - 100 Songs/Books/TV Episodes/Movies/Fanfics/Performances that made me way too emotional for my own good. {public, possible NSFW}

samelthecamel - 100 movies that inspire me to write a blog post {flocked but friendable}

alienat - 100 books, movies, TV shows, fics that have changed my life {flocked but friendable}

jodean80 - 100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved {public}

lesson_in_love - 100 TV Shows {public, possible NSFW}

damelola - 100 Brilliant Episodes of Television {public}

caitriona_3 - Media things I enjoy {public}

hamarakissa - 100 tv/movies/music that I love {flocked but friendable, possible NSFW content}

hpfangirl71 - My favorite famous boys {public, will cut for NSFW content}

adeleyna - Books, Movies or TV Shows that I Have Read/Watched that Inspire Me {Public}

cookielaura - 100 YouTube Videos You Should Watch {Public, mostly}

hikarunokite - 100 Bookend Quotes from Criminal Minds, with a review of each episode that the quote appears in. {public}

alidiabin - 100 Movies {public}

pipisafoat - 100 Sortings: Putting Hogwarts's Sorting Hat on 100 TV Characters {public}

jennamcquaid - TV Shows (that I watched, loved or want to make) {public}

yohkobennington - I love/like from the show Supernatural {public}

floating_fog - 100 movies I've seen and adore {public}

slipjig - 100 Scenes {public}

teagirl_donna - 100 Things on the subject of: random tv knowledge and trivia {public}

karitawyr - 100 movies made prior to 1975 that I think you should see {public}

schaden_freude - 100 Movies {public}

enigmaticblues - 100 Favouirte TV Episodes {public}

nakeisha- TV 100 - 50 series; 50 pairings. {public}

lincolnimp - "TV Shows I Like For Various Reasons" (featuring tv shows from different countries) {public}

inferiarecoming - 100 Movies that I love to the point of creepy obsession {public, some triggering material as per film}

marlee813 - 100 Movies I Will Never Tire Of {public}

hyper_amychao - 100 Movies I've Seen {public}

karaokegal - 100 Television shows {public, possibly NSFW, triggers - read at own risk}

atanih88 - 100 Favourite Episodes and Movies, In No Particular Order {public, some NSFW}

revieloutionne - 100 Things I Love About Live-Action Japanese Children's Superhero Shows (And Their Derivatives) {public}

emiv - 100 Things Fight Club Has Taught Me About Life {public; adult language}

smiley_b - Strictly Come Dancing With the Stars: The Good, The Bad & The God-Awful {public}

kiss_me_cait23 - Pop radio, rock radio, cranky DJs, perfect songs, and hiding the naughty stuff from my parents. {public}

serendipityxxi - Ships {public}

byslantedlight - The Professionals {public; NSFW under cut}

severina2001 - Zombies! {public}

a_frozen_second - Commercials That Made an Impression on Me {public}

batsublue - The last movies I've seen {public, under cut if NSFW}

100 Things About Photography, Art, Craft & Design

{Category: Photography, Art, Craft & Design}

Photography, Art, Craft & Design

jasmine_rosalee - 100 Pictures of Doors (and Sometimes Their Houses) {flocked but friendable}

schlopki - 100 crafts Mella did {public}

nahara - Art I Like and Why {flocked but friendable, some NSFW images}

dreamalliance - Photos of My Life {public}

electricdruid - My photographs {public, some flocked}

signe_chan - Things I've Made {public}

abigail89 - Photographs {public}

krax - 100 things i learned at university of arts (being a design student) {public}

colliemommie - 100 Things, William Morris Edition (100 things I own that I find beautiful, or know are useful) {flocked but friendable}

shinysparks 100 Potentially Warped Things I've Doodled {Public}

crysania4 - 100 Photos of Dahlia (my dog) that I love {public}

shunhuggedme - 100 Awesome Photos of T.A.R.D.I.S., with T.A.R.D.I.S. being my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Emphasis on my learning how to use my camera better. {public}

roisin_farrell - 100 pictures {flocked but friendable}

freaky_nerd - 100 digital painting studies {public, possibly NSFW}

elli - Analog and digital drawing and painting {public}

rogueleopard - a photo digest of where I live and play {public}

automaticdoor - 100 Instagram-Edited Photographs Along With Richly-Detailed Image Descriptions! {flocked}

vaguelyclear - 100 Amazing Designs {public}

solara_karrde - Things I want to make/craft {public}

leesa_perrie - Photos I Have Taken in 2012 {public}

amaresu - 100 Kites I Made And Flew {public}

becofoz - 100 of my favourite photos and the reasons why {flocked}

zinke - 100 Photos of my life in NY {public}

jhava - 100 of My Favourite Photos and the Memories They Bring {public}

allwasnew - 100 Random Drawings {public. Will warn for adult content}

siluria - 100 images of non-fandomy things that make me happy {public & flocked but friendable}

libradragonmom - 100 of my favourite photos and the reasons why {flocked but friendable}

loulita - 100 of my favourite meaningful, shocking, captivating photos { flocked but friendable, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

aythia - 100 pictures {public, NSFW content likely}

asterapallas - 100 photographs that mean a lot to me.
{flocked but friendable}

cb_eaglemaniac - 100 Photos that have significant personal meaning {flocked but friendable}

shadwrayvn - 100 pictures of my life! {public, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

maurice - 100 Pictures of Bell Towers {flocked but friendable}

holly_cky - 100 Things I Have Made {public}

badeperle - Pictures I Took While Being on Vacation Abroad {flocked but friendable}

darktwinkle - 100 Random photos I've taken/am in {public}

highlander_ii - 100 Photos I Have Taken {public}

taxcha - 100 inspirations, inspiring people and things inspired by them (art, design, fashion, crafts related) {public}

peartreealley - Things I Made. It'll mostly be knitting and spinning, but other crafts such as costuming, cooking, and fiction may also make appearances. {public}

noir_au_blanc - 100 Things on the subject of: Photos of People, Places, Things that I love. {flocked but friendable}

spotsofcolour - I'm aiming to draw 100 comics (or pictures) for journals, instead of just writing. {flocked but friendable}

catwalksalone - 100 Draw Something pictures from the sublime to the ridiculous / DW {public}

goldenusagi - 100 Rooms I Wish Were Mine {public}

randomrape - 100 Pictures and the Story behind them {semi-public and friendable}

raeve - 100 Sketches Using Traditional Media {public}

simonejester - Completed crochet/knitting projects for my shop. (Mostly Pictures) {public}

edellin - Art Works I Like {public}

storyfan - 100 pieces of my original art {public}

lux_astraea - Photographs I've Taken Myself {flocked; friendable}

olympia_m - Art Works I Like(d) {public}

tsuki_no_bara - 100 Buildings and the Occasional Bridge {public}

mayfly_78 - 100 Photos I Have Taken and the Story Behind Them {public}

scribble_myname - This Creative Life {public}

tprillahfiction - 100 Pics from My Past {flocked, potentially triggering}

100 Things About Quotes

100 Things About Travel & Places

{Category: Travel & Places}

Travel & Places

allie_meril - Travel {public}

zweiundzwei - 100 People Who Pick Up Hitchhikers {public}

marence - 100 Things I've Seen While Out For A Drive {public}

eanor - 100 Things I've Learned About Foreign Cultures / Countries" {public}

blackbirdj2 - 100 Activities or Trips that inspire me to not sit on the couch all day {flocked}

mizunfortunate - Places I Want To Visit One Day {public}

mediocrechick - 100 places I would like to visit or have visited and why you should too! {public}

elladansgirl - Haunted places I've been to or would like to visit(with pictures if available) {public}

traveling_storm - 100 things you need to know before teaching English in China {public}

rufflefeather - 100 Places I've Been {public}

tyreling - 100 random things about my country in DW {public}

Isa@dreamwidth 100 Travel Things {Public}

n_nanini - Stories & Things From My Country (I live somewhere in Southeast Asia) {public}

jooles34 - 100 holiday and travel memories {public}

hbics - 100 Things Canadian {public}

polvodestrella - 100 photo and traveling websites you should bookmark right nows { flocked but friendable, possible NSFW/potential triggers}

misscam - Cam's 100 Things: Loves, Likes, Items of Importance and Aspects of Norway {public}

book232 - 100 Places {flocked but friendable}

glinda_penguin - 100 Places I have been and loved {public}

featherynscale - Travel, with a focus on geek interest {flocked but friendable}

bandgeek01 - Amusement Parks/Roller Coasters {public}

unusual_lullaby - The Places I Wanna Go Around The World {Locked}

rialovescake - 100 Places I’ve Visited {Public}

ctquill - 100 Things About My City/Country {some public, some locked}

leafyaki - 100 Little Anecdotes about Traveling {Public, mostly}

tricianna - 100 Things About New York City {public, probably NSFW}

papercathedral - 100 Best Places I've Visited (in Europe) {public}

aglarien1 - 100 Things about my armchair travels {public}

_bettina_ - 100 things about me and my hometown {public, some flocked}

kat_of_rafters - Reading books in Japanese and Cooking things in Japan {public}

gutteredstar - 100 sights in London. {public}

bungal0w - 100 Pictures of Me in Places {public}

wisc0nsinite - 100 Pictures of Me in Places {flocked but friendable}

ksuave - 100 Pictures of Places I Have Visited {flocked but friendable}

moriahmoriah - 100 moments of adventure and travel {public}

wannabelg - Beautiful places I've seen or really want to see {public}

alorarose - Places I've Been {public}

sapphirescribe - 100 Places I've Been {public}

vieux_yeux - England {public}

meepalicious - Daily Life in Tokyo {flocked; friendable}

jjpor - 100 Things I've Taken Photos Of {mostly public}

ian_exclamation - Living in Japan {flocked, friendable @ DW}

100 Things About Food, Drink, Cookery & Recipes

{Category: Food, Drink, Cookery & Recipes}

Food, Drink, Cookery & Recipes

enomis57 - Tea {public}

bellasianna - Fabulous things to eat and drink! {flocked but friendable}

amaranthine_7 - My kitchen successes (and disasters) {public}

a_rough_book -
I'm writing 100 Things on the subject of: Foods and recipes that I really really want to try
{flocked but friendable}

vshendria 100 Things I Have Never Cooked Before {Flocked}

brilligspoons - Vegetables {public}

feywood - Food! Cooking, eating, favourites... {public, food issues}

imaginarycircus - cooking and baking {public}

starsparkle333 - Things I Have Cooked {public}

latin_lunatic - Favorite Food (Drinks, Desserts, Dishes, Dressings... Etc) {public}

smeddley - Tea, dammit - times, places, and situations that call for a good cuppa {public, alcohol}

ladysophiekitty - Cooking {public}

tracy7307 - 100 beers that own my soul {flocked but friendable}

unconventional - 100 (Mostly) New Recipes and the Process.s { flocked but friendable}

wanderhomeagain - 100 recipes I'm trying {public}

spirited_lizard - 100 Recipes I've never tried before {flocked but friendable}

lemanya - cooking! baking in particular, but not limited {public}

seryan - 100 Things I've Cooked or Baked {public}

scarlett71177 - Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice- 100 Yummy Recipes {public}

umbrellas_can - 100 Common Foods I've Never Eaten {public}

mellow_dk - 100 Vegan recipes. {public}

ahzheejhei - 100 (College) Recipes {public}

badseed1980 - 100 Thing I've cooked, or want to cook {public}

cornerofmadness - 100(mostly diabetic)Recipes {public}

sictransits - Recipes I'm Trying {flocked; friendable}

100 Things About Writing, Words & Poetry

{Category: Writing, Words, & Poetry}

Writing, Words, & Poetry

viennajones - 100 stories I would love to tell {flocked but potentially friendable}

ologist - ideas for original fiction {flocked but friendable}

lil_1337 - 100 Drabbles for 100 Fandoms {public}

xinvisiblewings - 100 forgotten tales (i.e. random stories/documents laying around that I've never finished) {public}

kinky_kneazle - 100 Things Every Writer Should Re {public}

wolfspeaker01 - Story Ideas {public}

frith_in_thorns - 100 small piles of words I come across (ie random bits of writing I like) {public}

allaroughdraft - 100 Stories about 100 Characters {mostly public and friendable}

denebides - Poetry {public}

indyangel - Creative Drabbles Inspired by Song Lyrics or Quotes {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

dawn_felagund - writing {public}

jana_denardo - writing {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

veils - 100 script ideas (movies/tv/plays(/books?) {mix of public and flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

rumpledlinen - 100 Things I Want to Write {public, will warn for NSFW}

synnerxx - Writing and what I love (and hate) about it! {flocked, will warn for NSFW}

clex_monkie89 - 100 Plot Bunnies {public, will cut for possible adult content and triggers}

pointblankdarcy - 100 days of words {flocked but friendable}

schwa - Linguistics {flocked but friendable}

zarathustra - 100 writers of wit and beauty {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

zarathustra - 100 writing projects I'll likely never finish {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

fionnabhar - quick and dirty grammar lessons {public}

calembours - 100 Things I've Wanted to Discuss (Or Stories I've Wanted to Tell) {public & flocked, potential triggers/NSFW}

nonniemous (Dreamwidth user) - Things that I Wrote {Public, mostly}

primeideal (Dreamwidth user) - 100 Lipograms (posts without the letter E) {Public}

falcons_honour - Conversations with Characters {Locked}

therentyoupay - (New & Old) Words That I Want to Use More Often {public}

maerhys - short writing (original fic, fan fic, poetry, memoir) {public}

thuri - I'm writing a serial story, committing to two parts a week, putting up each rough draft as it comes. {public}

vexed_wench - Plot bunnies for multiple fandoms {flocked bur friendable}

catty_the_spy - Writing {public}

tree - (Mostly) Poetry and (Some) Songs and (Lots of) ~Feelings / DW {public}

brbckrider - 100 Pieces of Flash Fiction/Poetry Inspired By Random Photos/Videos That I Find On The Inter-Webs {flocked but friendable}

mydeira - 100 Stories, Scenes, or Snippets {public, NSFW}

sadbhyl - 100 Drabbles based on the OED Word of the Day {public, sporadically NSFW}

moonjumpkitty - 100 Scenes from Stories that are in My Head {public; possible triggers but will warn}

melodily - Creations inspired by another work {public}

poetic_pixie_13 - 100 Letters To The World {public; will warn for potential triggers}

ladderax - Fiction & Fiction Writing {public; NSFW}

claviculas - 100 Scenes for 10 Original Characters {flocked; will warn for NSFW or triggers; entries in Portuguese}

snorchu - 100 Stories Created From the Appearance of 100 Different Strangers I See {public}

100 Things About Science & Technology

100 Things About Sport, Health, & Well-being

100 Things About Family & Other Animals

100 Things About Fandom & Fanwork

{Category: Fandom & Fanwork}

Fandom, Fanart, Fanvids, & Fanfic

etacanis - Fandom Related Things {public}

stacefaceex - 100 Fandom Favourites {flocked, friendable with shared interests}

cheriestar - On 100 of the pairings I like {public}

kitty_fic - 1- Fests & Comms I love or 2- Things I love about fandom or 3- Ways to get involved in fandom {public, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

mabonwitch - Merlin Magic Reveal Recs {public}

starianprincess - 100 Things I Love About My Fandoms! I'll be breaking them down into specific items (like characters and/or pairings) per fandom and have at least ten fandoms, including Prince of Tennis, Tiger & Bunny, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. {public, potentially triggering material}

wolfish_willow - Fics that I love {public, potentially triggering and NSFW material}

welfycat - 100 Musings on Writing Fanfiction {public}

vethica - 100 of my fandoms! {public}

theeverdream - 100 minifics {public, potentially triggering or NSFW material}

naemi - explicitly kinky things I want to see (fiction-wise) {flocked, send proof of kinky thing you wrote to be added, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

Serpentine @ DW - 100 Character Pieces/Meta {public}

stacy_l - 100 Favorite Fanvids {flocked but friendable}

lil_jei 100 Canon/Fandom Moments That Changed My Life {Public; possible triggers}

naemi 100 Fic Bunnies of all Kind {Public}

jadeleopard - 100 crossovers/crossover ships that don't get enough attention :D {public}

history13041985 - 100 things on fanfic {public, with warnings}

dhfreak - 100 Crossovers that would be awesome {public}

dolnmoon - 100 Fandom Finds {public, nsfw}

silverraven - 100 recs {public, with warnings}

usamichan13 - 100 Fanfic Ideas I Wanted to Write {public}

certainti - 100 things about 100 fandoms {public}

anneka_neko - Pairings/Couples/Threesomes/Moresomes/Character Dynamics I Enjoy {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

cho_malfoy - Fanworks I love {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

findmyantidrug - {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

valinorean - 100 Unforgettable Fanworks {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

sparrowsverse - Bandom Photographs {public}

csichick_2 - 100 Ships I Love {public}

leoraine - 100 Things That Strike My Fancy {public}

alorarose - 100 Fandoms I Love {public, will warn for NSFW}

yehwellwhatever - 100 Fanfics I really wish I’d written {flocked but friendable, will warn for adult content}

colls - 100 fannish things you might've missed {flocked, potential NSFW}

obnoxygen - 100 Fic I Really Loved {public, will warn for adult content and triggers}

magic_knickers - 100 Fics I Really Loved & 100 Things I Love. {public, will warn for adult content}

waltzmatildah - 100 Katherine Pierce Crossovers {public}

clex_monkie89 - 100 Fannish Things {public, will cut for possible adult content and triggers}

leashy_bebes - 100 fanfics that blew my minds {public, will cut possible triggers and adult content}

dysonrules - 100 Harry/Draco fanfiction recs {public}

tikiaceae - 100 Long fic recs {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW content}

ordinaryink - Drawing 100 AU moments {public, will warn for adult content}

misheard - 100 Smutfic Recs {public, NSFW}

isis_uf - 100 Fanfics I have loved {public, potential triggers/NSFW content}

casness - my favorite pairings {flocked but friendable}

freakingcrups - Favourite pairings {public}

lozenger8 - The 100 fics I haven't written {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW}

malicehaughton - 100 Drabbles of 100 Doctor Who pairings. {public, will cut for triggers/NSFW}

jedimasterstar - 100 drabbles or ficlets of Avengers {public, will cut for potential triggers/NSFW content}

slash4femme - Things I Have Learned From Fandom/Fanfiction {Public, mostly}

hamimifk - My 100 Favorite Pairings {Public }

kates_couch - Why I’m A Fan (Or Not) {Public }

chrissy_sky - Fandom Things {Locked}

cajunbaby86 - 100 Things I've learned about my fandoms {public}

arilyn9 - 100 Random Top5 Lists (most will be related to fandoms somehow) {flocked but friendable}

quickreaver - "100 Supernatural Things"...my favorite fics, art, songs, projects inspired by The Little Show That Could {public}

geckoholic - fannish recs {flocked but friendable}

mentalistecbm - fic related things, put into subcategories. explained more at journal. {public, potential triggers, will warn}

xkilaz - Fandom Related things {flocked but friendable}

mihnn - My favourite fics. This will include multi-fandoms and multi-pairings. {public}

sky_blue44 - 100 Things I Love About Fandoms {public}

tsutsuji - favorite characters and other things I love about fandom / DW {public}

hanakoanime - Fics that I Really Loved {flocked but friendable, discussion of adult material}

mollivanders - economics explained with fandom concepts {public}

thinkxpink - my favorite pairings [will include celebs] {public}

teevee_etc - 100 Graphics related to my fandoms {public}

naripolpetta - Me and Fandom {flocked but friendable, potential triggering material}

bertee - Fic/art/vid recs, mostly in the Supernatural and CWRPF fandom {flocked but friendable, nsfw links posted}

temporalranger - Ships & Characters {flocked}

temporalranger - Dean/Cas AUs {flocked}

misako93 - 100 fanfiction I liked and why. {flocked, potentially triggering material}

goddess47 - 100 things I like about Stargate Atlantis fandom {public}

ozmissage - Awesome (Fictional) Platonic, Romantic and Familial Relationships {public}

lady_drace - 100 fanfic WIPs or plot bunnies of mine, which I hope to finish, or just really like. / DW {public}

ronsoftie - 100 fandom things I love {flocked but friendable}

dragon - 100 Feelings on Fandom {flocked but friendable}

norgbelulah - 100 Awesome Fics I've Read and Loved {public}

sophia_clark - My 100 Favorite Fanworks {public}

femme_slash_fan - 'Allo Allo and the fan-characters it inspires {flocked but friendable}

sara_lakali - Fiction and Fanfiction from Varied Fandoms {public, with warnings for NSFW}

kerry_louise - 100 WiP Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write! {flocked but friendable}

nufaciel - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked but friendable}

Lionchilde/Rose - 100 Things I've Learned Writing Fanfiction {public, will warn for NSFW}

silentflux - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked, NSFW/triggering}

finduilas_clln - 100 Fandom Requests {public, warnings}

simplyn2deep - 100 Fandom Requests {public; some NSFW}

jinxed_wood - 100 Thing I Love About Fandom {public}

blithesea - Vidding {public}

hollys_tree - 100 Wonderful Fanfics {public}

shi_koi - 100 of My Favourite Fanfics {public; will warn for NSFW or triggers}

magi143emmykat - 100 Drabbles {public}

regularamanda - 100 rambles about my fandoms {public}

rabidrainbow - Various thoughts about my fandoms {public}

gamma_x_orionis - Harry Potter pairings {public}

ladygj - Fandom (Shows, Characters, Ships, Episodes and many other things) {semi-public, friendable}

hoktauri - 125 Fanfiction! Reviews of fanfics recommended by popkin16here {public, NSFW/triggers}

mands_angelfox - Characters that I love {public}

riveroceansea - Fandoms of My Life {public, potential NSFW/triggers}

100 Things About Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming

{Category: Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming}

Games, Gaming, Comics, Anime & Manga

insanepurin - Top 100 Favorite Pokémon {public}

castor - 100 Most Recently Finished Series (Comics, Anime, Manga) [As I finish them & Thoughts on them, of course.] {public}

kiyala - comic issues that give me feelings {public}

dawnrune - Video games that I've played throughout my life that have left some sort of positive impression on me {public}

yaoi_queen - 100 Favorite Anime/Manga/Game Pairings {public, some potentially NSFW}

karcy - 100 things related to anime {flocked but friendable, potential discussion of explicit material}

gtasuxcoximho - video game reviews {public}

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100 Things About Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning

{Category: Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning}

Trying New Things, Bucket Lists, & Learning

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