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Category: 100 Things About Books, Mythology & Folklore

{Category: Books, Mythology & Folklore}

Books, Mythology & Folklore

igrab - 100 Feelings Books Gave Me {public}

immortality - 100 Favorite Books {public}

darkmoonrises7 - 100 Things to Read and See {public, warning for horror movie/book content}

igrab - Myths as Retold By Igrab {public, some triggers as per the nature of myths}

rainmage - 100 curious things about mythology {public, with some warnings for mythological horror, death, and sex}

jacknjill270 - Myths you should know/books you should read {mostly public}

mindwar - Books I Love {public}

unperfectwolf - the absolutely cliched "100 Books I Have Loved" {public}

goseaward - Stories that are or were important to me! {public}

mizzy2k - books (or trilogies or series) that my flist might like, because I like them for various reasons (both the books and my flist). {public}

hallonpaj - 100 Books I've Read {flocked but friendable}

dqbunny - 100 myths, history, and fairy tales {public}

ellecc - 100 Things to Read (fic and "real" stuff alike) {public}

huinare 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me {Mostly Public}

endorphinehaze 100 Books/Graphic Novels I Have Read {Public; possible triggers}

monjinator 100 Books I Love {Flocked; possible triggers}

elfflame 100 Arthurian Things {Public; possible triggers}

ilcocoabean - Things I've read {public, with warnings}

willow_wand - 100 Young Adult novels {public}

kitsuneasika - 100 Favorite Fairy Tales {flocked but friendable, violence}

geni91782 - 100 books on my TBR list and why they are there {public, possibly triggering}

avianthropy - Books I Own (For One Reason or Another) {public, possibly triggering}

tideling - 100 books that shaped my life {public}

tilly_stratford - Norse mythology {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

rhoda_rants - Books (short reviews) {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

significantowl - 100 Things I Like to Read {flocked, will warn for adult content.}

ciaimpala - 100 Books I Love You Might Not Have Heard Of {public, will warn for potential triggers and NSFW content}

lordhellebore - 100 books, plays, and poems {public, potential triggers/NSFW content}

vnfan - Favorite bits from books {public}

latenightcuppa - fictional characters have I loved {flocked but friendable}

rainfallsdown8 - Books! {Locked}

adeleyna - Books, Movies or TV Shows that I Have Read/Watched that Inspire Me {Public}

silver_trails - 100 Things About Art and Literature in Latin America {flocked}

clara_posts - 100 Bookish Things {public}

jenab - 100 Things About Reading {public}

katsheswims - Books! {public}

lilibel - Books I liked/loved since I've started reading {public}

randombastary - 100 things that strike my fancy regarding folktales/folk beliefs/superstitions/mythology/religion {flocked but friendable}

shakespearsgrl2 - Things Which I Have Read That Emotionally Affected Me {public}

ienablu - a hundred of my favorite writing passages {public}

miya_morana - 100 books {public}

emi_chirescue - Stories {public}

velvetina_wonka - Book reviews. (Sorry, not very imaginative) {flocked but friendable}

imachar - Non-fiction books that taught me all about life, the universe and everything... {public}

prfctdaze - Favorite Movies {flocked but friendable}

fullmoon02 - Literature & reading {flocked but friendable}

katsie - Things I've Learned From Books of All Sorts {flocked}

vampkiss - 100 of my favourite m/m romance books {public, NSFW}

sacredesire - Books I've never read before {flocked, friendable, possibly NSFW or triggering}

beccastareyes - 100 SF and Fantasy Stories {public, warnings}

freelancerrh - 100 Books By Women,Courtesy of {public}

osprey_archer - 100 Books That Influenced Me {public}

junejoy11 - 100 Books I Read and Loved {public}

linfer - Books {public}

aadarshinah - 125 Books Everyone Should Read Once in His/Her Life {public}

thirteen_inches - 100 Books That Are Lovely {public}

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