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100 Things About Music & Song

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jagnikjen - 100 songs from my iTunes collection, including video and a reason for/meaning behind the song {public}

appleautumn - 100 Songs That Mean Something To Me (& The Stories That Go With Them) {flocked but friendable}

jdbracknell - 100 Songs To Teach You Everything You Need To Know {public}

race_the_ace - 100 Songs (I think) Everyone Should Hear {flocked}

queer_theory - 100 Songs and What They Mean To Me {public}

faithharkness - Pieces of music I keep coming back to {public}

soberloki 100 Songs That Have Earwormed Me {Public}

faecat 100 Songs That Speak to My Soul {Public}

proseac1 - 100 great songs by the classic band RUSH and what they mean to me {public}

lark - Awesome musical artists {members-only community, open}

somehowunbroken - songs that mean something to me {public, with warnings}

crysania4 - 100 Pieces of Classical Music Everyone Should Know {public}

sour_worms - 100 Songs That Made Me Feel Something {public}

allaroughdraft - 100 Recordings {public, with warnings}

alternaterocker - 100 Songs That Made Me {public}

roisin_farrell - my top 100 songs as determined by how much I have listened to them {flocked but friendable}

anion - 100 Things About Music and Dance {public & flocked but friendable}

waltzmatildah - 100 Songs By Australian Artists That The Rest Of The World Should Know And Love {public}

littlblackghost - Music that will change your life {flocked}

whocares19_05 - 100 songs I cannot live without {public}

apolla - 100 Awesome Musical Things To Be Found On YouTube {public}

ovariesofsteel - Music/songs and the ways it has touched my life. {public}

shadwrayvn - 100 songs/movies more people need to discover {public, will warn for triggers/NSFW content}

stellamoon - 100 Pieces of Art and Music That Touch My Soul {public}

gobbolina - 100 songs that grabbed me {flocked but friendable}

pretiossissime - Songs That Inspire Art {Public}

searchtheskies - Song Sets {Locked}

hanseatic_keks - 100 Songs everyone should know {flocked but friendable}

luxken27 - 100 Songs That Have Moved Me / DW {public}

edah - Songs that mean something to me {public}

kodamasama - 100 Songs and why I love them {public}

omgwtfskittles - 100 albums that changed my life {flocked but friending}

scarlett_h - 100 Albums I Adore {public}

chicafrom3 - Favorite Tracks From Cast Albums (with a ... somewhat loose definition of 'cast albums') {public}

chainmailmaiden - 100 songs which mean something special to me {public}

i_am_ammo - Music: Albums, Singles, Eps, Remixes, Soundtracks, Collaborations, Songs, Lyrics, Bands, and Artists {public}

unkyrich - 100 most important albums to me {public}

siochembio - My autobiography as told through 100 pieces of music (mostly classical, but not all). {flocked but freindable}

m14mouse - Music (Bands, Artists, Songs, Video games, TV, Cartoon, and Inspiration) {public}

lifethreads - Songs - My Best, Worst, and Most Meaningful {flocked, friendable}

eviltwin - Bands I Love {flocked, friendable}

bleed_peroxide - 100 Songs That Feed My Muse {public; possible triggers but will warn}

goingtoqueens - 100 Favorite Songs {public, NSFW, potential triggers}

laranlas_keryn - 100 of My Favourite Songs {public}

rahenna - Darren Hayes Songs & Mini Reviews {public}

heavenly_rain - What I Know, What I Don't Know and What I'm Learning About the Ukulele {public}

teambenevolence - My Favourite 100 Video Game Music {public}

sictransits - Bands/Musical Artists {flocked; friendable}

tranquil_ity - "The song in my head" {public}

sacredlith - 100 Eargasming Covers and Remixes of Official Songs - the legit ones {public, warnings if NSFW/triggers}

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