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I've seen various mumblings lately about LJ being quiet, and although many comms seem more active than ever, when it comes to personal entries, a lot of the bloggers I used to read here have left for pastures with word counts leaner. Whether your kink is bondage or baking, Tumblr is great for picture porn, and there's definitely a place for film reviews that read:
Saw #thehungergames. Not as good as book. @lennykravitz, marry me?

But the thing that drew me to LJ was the words, the abundance of words, the LJers who would wax - and not just poetically, but informatively, knowledgeably, and passionately - about their specialist subject, be it film, books, sex, art, equality, that darn boy wizard, design, music, or novelty cupcakes. I've been as guilty as anyone of slipping into the habit of not providing much actual content here - aside from the odd Hipsta pic of my cats doing something stupid - so I throw down a challenge to myself and anyone who wants to play: Blog 100 Things, right here on LJ. (you're also more than welcome to play on DW/Wordpress/any other blogging platform if you'd like to, but if you want to use a banner, you'll need to recode it)

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100 Things About Coping, Depression & Autism

{Category: Coping}

Coping, Depression & Autism

rhapsody11 - 100 things to say about autism {public, possibly triggering}

dreamwriteremmy - 100 Things We Have/Want To Have In Our Self-Care Toolbox (otherwise known as 100 Coping With Life Tools) {public, potential discussion of triggering things}

nynaeve_sedai - 100 Ways My Life is Better because of Depression {flocked, mentions of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression}

year_anda_day - 100 Things about my PTSD and Asperger's Autism {flocked but friendable}

100 Things About Inspiration, Aspirations, and Life-changing moments

{Category: Life-changers, Moments, Inspirations & Aspirations}

Life-changers, Moments, Inspirations & Aspirations

kawaii_mon - Inspirations {public, some potentially NSFW}

so_vieh - one hundred inspirations & aspirations {flocked}

darkspirited1 - 100 Inspirational Things {public & flocked}

bjjones 100 Things That Inspire Me {Flocked}

sagaluthien - 10x10 list of things that inspired- intrest me in one way or another {public}

frozen_ballad - I'm writing 100 Things on the subject of: Inspiring Things: People, Places, Songs, Quotes etc... {flocked but friendable}

fanciness - inspiring people in my personal life or in society {flocked but friendable}

shilohslaughter - things I aspire to be, both big and small. {flocked but friendable, potentially triggering material}

sourpony - Moments {flocked}

paranoidpen - 100 Moments That Changed My World {flocked}

wednesday_d - 100 Moments (In My Life). Expect entries mostly about books, movies, songs and cities I've loved. {public}

strangelings - 100 Memories/Moments in My Life {semi-public and friendable, with warnings}

lilian_cho - 50 RL and 50 Fannish Moments, in 100 words exactly / DW {public for fannish, flocked for RL, adding on DW}

gwendolynd - Moments in Time {public}

finding_bliss - 100 things that changed my life {public}

emeraldsedai - 100 Synchronicities, small miracles, signs and wonders that happen in my life {public}

snarky_imp - 100 Things That Changed My Life (some big, some small, many geeky) {public}

katy_sense - One Hundred Things that make me smile in one hundred consecutive days and One Hundred Days I want to live or want to live again. {public}

tigernach - 100 small life changes I am making to be a better person. {public}

emi_chirescue - Life Lessons {public}

alexia88 - One hundred memorable life experiences. {flocked but friendable}

jcxcb - Life Lessons {flocked}

bornof_sorrow - Things That Changed The Way I Looked At The World {public}

clenchedsoul - things I live by {public}

fleshuncovered - My Professional Wrestling Experiences {public}

silverr - 100 Things That Changed Who I Am or The Way I Look at the World {public; possible triggers but will warn}

writing2death - {flocked; friendable}

100 Things About Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning

{Category: Trying New Things, Bucket Lists & Learning}

Trying New Things, Bucket Lists, & Learning

train_lindz - 100 Things I've Never Done... Until Now! {flocked but friendable}

pineapple_sour - 100 New (to me) Things {flocked but friendable}

failegaidin - Things You Should Give a Chance {public, weight loss}

violetrose1922 - 50 things I am grateful to have experienced in my life and 50 things I still want to experience {public & flocked but friendable}

petitemachine - 100 goals {flocked but friendable, will warn for possible adult content and triggers}

hamarakissa - 100 dreams/goals as of now, plus things I want to do before I die {flocked, potential triggers/NSFW content}

shimotsuki - Adventures {flocked but friendable}

alba17 - Things I Want To Do Before I Die {public and flocked, some potentially NSFW}

rabid1st - Things I've Learned - As I Learn Them {public}

elliemurasaki - things I'm learning in college {public}

mingsmommy - 100 things learned in 50 years {public, possible triggers/NSFW content}

lilithilien - 100 Things I'm Doing To Live Cheaply Without Feeling Poor {public}

wickedgorgeous - A getting to know me and my flist project of sorts {flocked, possible triggers/NSFW}

messiahdivine - Things I Want To Do Before I Die (an easy one!) {public}

arguingvitality - Things I experienced for the first time {public, some flocked, friendable}

witchwife - 100 Lessons I've Learned as a 27 Year Old Still Living in Her Parents' Basement {flocked, some public}

dianaish - 100 things I wish I knew before I was 18 {flocked, friendable}

jaxadora - 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (Buy may or may not actually do) {flocked, friendable}

heavenly_rain - What I Know, What I Don't Know and What I'm Learning About the Ukulele {public}

pegkerr - 100 Things I Am Trying for the First Time {public}

100 Things About Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming

{Category: Anime, Manga, Games & Gaming}

Games, Gaming, Comics, Anime & Manga

insanepurin - Top 100 Favorite Pokémon {public}

castor - 100 Most Recently Finished Series (Comics, Anime, Manga) [As I finish them & Thoughts on them, of course.] {public}

kiyala - comic issues that give me feelings {public}

dawnrune - Video games that I've played throughout my life that have left some sort of positive impression on me {public}

yaoi_queen - 100 Favorite Anime/Manga/Game Pairings {public, some potentially NSFW}

karcy - 100 things related to anime {flocked but friendable, potential discussion of explicit material}

gtasuxcoximho - video game reviews {public}

bibliodragon - 100 animated moments I think are awesome {public}

auguris - Videogame Characters {public}

magikfanfic - 100 Comic Books, Story Arcs, Characters, Creators, Movies, etc. I Find Value In {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

rosage - 100 Things I love about the video game series Fire Emblems {public}

zombie_fetus - Favorite Skyrim Locations {flocked}

sjounouchi - Anime I own on DVD (and/or Blu-ray/ possibly VHS?)! {flocked but friendable}

fandomonymous - 50 thoughts on anime/manga + 50 thoughts on video games / DW {public, some potentially triggering material and also spoilers}

hamsterfactor - 100 Things Manga {flocked but friendable, possible NSFW/triggers}

moon_destiny - 100 Awesome Comic Book Moments {public}

rooftop_scenery - 100 male characters from anime/manga {public and flocked, some NSFW}

wrath - The World of Warcraft {public, probably bad language}

atowaito - 100 Favourite "Detective Conan" moments {public}

supaserajupiter - Awkward Moments in Fandom {public, warnings if applicable}

solitary_zero - Video Game Memories {public}

ajisaitea - Manga Titles I Loved {public}

100 Things About Fandom & Fanwork

{Category: Fandom & Fanwork}

Fandom, Fanart, Fanvids, & Fanfic

etacanis - Fandom Related Things {public}

stacefaceex - 100 Fandom Favourites {flocked, friendable with shared interests}

cheriestar - On 100 of the pairings I like {public}

kitty_fic - 1- Fests & Comms I love or 2- Things I love about fandom or 3- Ways to get involved in fandom {public, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

mabonwitch - Merlin Magic Reveal Recs {public}

starianprincess - 100 Things I Love About My Fandoms! I'll be breaking them down into specific items (like characters and/or pairings) per fandom and have at least ten fandoms, including Prince of Tennis, Tiger & Bunny, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. {public, potentially triggering material}

wolfish_willow - Fics that I love {public, potentially triggering and NSFW material}

welfycat - 100 Musings on Writing Fanfiction {public}

vethica - 100 of my fandoms! {public}

theeverdream - 100 minifics {public, potentially triggering or NSFW material}

naemi - explicitly kinky things I want to see (fiction-wise) {flocked, send proof of kinky thing you wrote to be added, NSFW and potentially triggering material}

Serpentine @ DW - 100 Character Pieces/Meta {public}

stacy_l - 100 Favorite Fanvids {flocked but friendable}

lil_jei 100 Canon/Fandom Moments That Changed My Life {Public; possible triggers}

naemi 100 Fic Bunnies of all Kind {Public}

jadeleopard - 100 crossovers/crossover ships that don't get enough attention :D {public}

history13041985 - 100 things on fanfic {public, with warnings}

dhfreak - 100 Crossovers that would be awesome {public}

dolnmoon - 100 Fandom Finds {public, nsfw}

silverraven - 100 recs {public, with warnings}

usamichan13 - 100 Fanfic Ideas I Wanted to Write {public}

certainti - 100 things about 100 fandoms {public}

anneka_neko - Pairings/Couples/Threesomes/Moresomes/Character Dynamics I Enjoy {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

cho_malfoy - Fanworks I love {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

findmyantidrug - {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

valinorean - 100 Unforgettable Fanworks {public, possible triggers/NSFW}

sparrowsverse - Bandom Photographs {public}

csichick_2 - 100 Ships I Love {public}

leoraine - 100 Things That Strike My Fancy {public}

alorarose - 100 Fandoms I Love {public, will warn for NSFW}

yehwellwhatever - 100 Fanfics I really wish I’d written {flocked but friendable, will warn for adult content}

colls - 100 fannish things you might've missed {flocked, potential NSFW}

obnoxygen - 100 Fic I Really Loved {public, will warn for adult content and triggers}

magic_knickers - 100 Fics I Really Loved & 100 Things I Love. {public, will warn for adult content}

waltzmatildah - 100 Katherine Pierce Crossovers {public}

clex_monkie89 - 100 Fannish Things {public, will cut for possible adult content and triggers}

leashy_bebes - 100 fanfics that blew my minds {public, will cut possible triggers and adult content}

dysonrules - 100 Harry/Draco fanfiction recs {public}

tikiaceae - 100 Long fic recs {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW content}

ordinaryink - Drawing 100 AU moments {public, will warn for adult content}

misheard - 100 Smutfic Recs {public, NSFW}

isis_uf - 100 Fanfics I have loved {public, potential triggers/NSFW content}

casness - my favorite pairings {flocked but friendable}

freakingcrups - Favourite pairings {public}

lozenger8 - The 100 fics I haven't written {public, will warn for any triggers/NSFW}

malicehaughton - 100 Drabbles of 100 Doctor Who pairings. {public, will cut for triggers/NSFW}

jedimasterstar - 100 drabbles or ficlets of Avengers {public, will cut for potential triggers/NSFW content}

slash4femme - Things I Have Learned From Fandom/Fanfiction {Public, mostly}

hamimifk - My 100 Favorite Pairings {Public }

kates_couch - Why I’m A Fan (Or Not) {Public }

chrissy_sky - Fandom Things {Locked}

cajunbaby86 - 100 Things I've learned about my fandoms {public}

arilyn9 - 100 Random Top5 Lists (most will be related to fandoms somehow) {flocked but friendable}

quickreaver - "100 Supernatural Things" favorite fics, art, songs, projects inspired by The Little Show That Could {public}

geckoholic - fannish recs {flocked but friendable}

mentalistecbm - fic related things, put into subcategories. explained more at journal. {public, potential triggers, will warn}

xkilaz - Fandom Related things {flocked but friendable}

mihnn - My favourite fics. This will include multi-fandoms and multi-pairings. {public}

sky_blue44 - 100 Things I Love About Fandoms {public}

tsutsuji - favorite characters and other things I love about fandom / DW {public}

hanakoanime - Fics that I Really Loved {flocked but friendable, discussion of adult material}

mollivanders - economics explained with fandom concepts {public}

thinkxpink - my favorite pairings [will include celebs] {public}

teevee_etc - 100 Graphics related to my fandoms {public}

naripolpetta - Me and Fandom {flocked but friendable, potential triggering material}

bertee - Fic/art/vid recs, mostly in the Supernatural and CWRPF fandom {flocked but friendable, nsfw links posted}

temporalranger - Ships & Characters {flocked}

temporalranger - Dean/Cas AUs {flocked}

misako93 - 100 fanfiction I liked and why. {flocked, potentially triggering material}

goddess47 - 100 things I like about Stargate Atlantis fandom {public}

ozmissage - Awesome (Fictional) Platonic, Romantic and Familial Relationships {public}

lady_drace - 100 fanfic WIPs or plot bunnies of mine, which I hope to finish, or just really like. / DW {public}

ronsoftie - 100 fandom things I love {flocked but friendable}

dragon - 100 Feelings on Fandom {flocked but friendable}

norgbelulah - 100 Awesome Fics I've Read and Loved {public}

sophia_clark - My 100 Favorite Fanworks {public}

femme_slash_fan - 'Allo Allo and the fan-characters it inspires {flocked but friendable}

sara_lakali - Fiction and Fanfiction from Varied Fandoms {public, with warnings for NSFW}

kerry_louise - 100 WiP Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write! {flocked but friendable}

nufaciel - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked but friendable}

Lionchilde/Rose - 100 Things I've Learned Writing Fanfiction {public, will warn for NSFW}

silentflux - 100 Fics/Plot Bunnies I Would Like to Finish/Write {flocked, NSFW/triggering}

finduilas_clln - 100 Fandom Requests {public, warnings}

simplyn2deep - 100 Fandom Requests {public; some NSFW}

jinxed_wood - 100 Thing I Love About Fandom {public}

blithesea - Vidding {public}

hollys_tree - 100 Wonderful Fanfics {public}

shi_koi - 100 of My Favourite Fanfics {public; will warn for NSFW or triggers}

magi143emmykat - 100 Drabbles {public}

regularamanda - 100 rambles about my fandoms {public}

rabidrainbow - Various thoughts about my fandoms {public}

gamma_x_orionis - Harry Potter pairings {public}

ladygj - Fandom (Shows, Characters, Ships, Episodes and many other things) {semi-public, friendable}

hoktauri - 125 Fanfiction! Reviews of fanfics recommended by popkin16here {public, NSFW/triggers}

mands_angelfox - Characters that I love {public}

riveroceansea - Fandoms of My Life {public, potential NSFW/triggers}

100 Things About Family & Other Animals